Tennis | Nadal’s stick to Djokovic for his attitude at the Olympics

The Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal consider that Novak Djokovic, that as a world number one is “reference for many children”, He should avoid attitudes like the one shown in the Tokyo Olympics in the match that he faced the Spanish Pablo Carreño.

At a press conference on the occasion of his participation in the Washington Citi Open, his return to competition since Roland Garros, Nadal He told . questions that he did not see that match but has already congratulated Carreno, bronze medal after beating the Serbian.

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“I am very happy for him and also for Spain”, He said Nadal, who considered that this victory will be recorded by Carreño “for the rest of his life” because it is “an unforgettable moment.”

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He added that winning a medal in an Olympic games – he has two golds, one in singles in Beijing and another doubles in Rio- it’s something “special”.

As for Djokovic, who at one point in the game threw his racket into the stands angrily, Nadal regretted the attitude of the Serbian.

“Luckily there were no people in the stands and nothing else happened, but hey, they are things that happen from time to time”, said the Spaniard, who considered that it is necessary to “try to avoid them.”

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He recalled in this sense that when these things happen “the image is not the best” and also noted that depending on “how severe they are in the punishments” in the organization of sporting events are “more permissive or more forceful”.

In the case of the Serbian, he appreciated that he apologized later but insisted that “it is important to avoid this type of situation, and more” by someone like Djokovic, “a reference for many children, in the end he is number one in the world and one of the best in history.”

“It’s strange that someone, being so successful, reacts this way from time to time, but in the end he is very competitive and reacts like that.”

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Regarding the Citi Open, Nadal He has been training for several days in the American capital to participate for the first time in this tournament in which he will return to the courts since the break he took after his defeat in the semifinals of Roland Garros versus Novak Djokovic.

“I don’t know how long it will take to fully recover, all I can say is that I will do my best,” He said Nadal in a press conference, in which he added that he hopes that the training of the last days has served him to be “competitive enough”.

Nadal He confessed that he has lived “with sadness” not even being in Wimbledon nor in the Olympic Games. “It is not pleasant but in the end things happen and you have to accept them the way they come because otherwise you could be frustrated all your life.”

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