Today Tenet is considered a puzzle to be solved, the film is an adventure and an experience with Robert Pattinson! We love !

Tenet! It’s the new sci-fi movie from Christopher Nolan with Robert Pattinson!

At MCE TV, we tell you everything!

Today, Tenet is considered a puzzle to solve, the film is an adventure and an experience! There are also rumors that it would be the sequel to Inception, so the film makes fans think a lot!

And yes, the film leaves us quite perplexed! So fans have full of questions for the director !

Indeed, the end of Tenet is not very clear to Internet users! Without surprise for a film by Christopher Nolan!

So let’s recap the intrigue of Tenet! ” Andrei Sator communicates with people of the future to bring together the different parts of the Algorithm in order to blow up the world at the time of her death, that the inverted Kat went back to the past to kill her husband, that the guy who helped the Protagonist during the scene d he overture to the opera was Neil, and that in reality the thinking head of the Tenet organization was just that famous Protagonist. “

You understood everything ? It’s already very, very good!

However, the scenario has many gray areas! On social networks, 5 questions keep coming back!

Warning spoiler on Tenet

The most important question of all concerns Robert Pattinson. Is Neil’s death final?

And yes, a scene leaves us a weird feeling, not you ? Watch as Neil says goodbye to the Protagonist, he doesn’t seem at all saddened by his fate… is it because he wouldn’t be dead?

Other existential question ! Who was Sator speaking to in the future?

We leave you to us share your hypotheses in comments on Tenet! Your keyboards !

And do you know how Priya learned about the Algorithm and the time reversal? We cannot tell you, we must say in fact that Priya is quite a mystery.

Here is also the big theory of the moment: Is Neil the son of Kat and Sator? The logical continuation of the theory we told you about last time: Is Neil a future version of Max?

Finally, the last question left open at the end of Tenet concerns the premises of the story. When, where and how did this whole story start?

Case to follow!

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