Tenet, Robert Pattinson’s latest film, finally has a French release date. So we just have to wait until the end of August!

This will delight Robert Pattinson fans. There is only a few more time before we can dive into his film, Tenet. See you at the end of August to find out. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Christopher Nolan went the extra mile with his new film: Tenet. A film which should a priori be in the same vein as other films of his style.

Much like Inception, his storyline looks rather mysterious at the moment. However, we know more about this project which should soon see the light of day on the big screen.

For now, the film should then prepare for next August 26 in our French rooms. Your next cinema outing is well and truly booked!

At least that’s what . reported, according to whom the film will be on the big screen in 70 countries, including France. But also across the Atlantic in Canada.

In the United States, fans of Robert Pattinson and the Christopher Nolan films will have to wait longer. still confined, the Americans will not be able to secure their seats for Tenet before the September 3 next.

Tenet (Robert Pattinson) will finally be released on August 26 in France!

Tenet: Robert Pattinson will meet you on August 26 in theaters

That said, Tenet could also very quickly rejoin the catalog some platforms of SVoD. This, just after her exit cine. A shortened deadline due to Covid-19, which had some consequences on the industry.

Besides our dear Robert Pattinson, actor of Twilight and Harry Potter, his co-star should shine on the screen. It is John David Washington, son of Denzel Washington. A casting of choice, it seems.

As for the scenario, we simply know that it will be a race against time, punctuated by time travel. All this for the sake of avoiding a possible apocalypse or even a third world war.

The color is therefore announced: see you on August 26 next to discover Tenet. We look forward !

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