The director of Public Procurement, Yocasta Guzmán, indicated that in many of the procedures carried out by the Emergency Operations Center (COE) some aspects were not clear.

“Of the cases we saw there were neither clear specifications nor evaluation criteria and therefore this type of tender was a bit discretionary,” Guzmán said Tuesday during an interview on the morning program El Día.

He indicated that in many of the COE procedures the technical specifications were not clear.

“If there are no clear technical specifications, it can be awarded to anyone. I spoke with him (COE director) and his team and we told him that we had reviewed various procedures and that in many of them there were no clear technical specifications, ”Guzmán alleged.

The director of Public Contractions stressed that the specifications of the requirements must have the technical, financial and all the clear requirements.

Guzmán explained that public procurement is a very technical matter and not everyone can be working with it.

Each institution is responsible for its process

Guzmán also explained that each institution is responsible for its process and not the DGCP. He said that what defines a tender is not the Public Procurement portal but that the entity that carries out the process clearly establishes the specifications of the products or services that it is going to contract.

“Each institution owns its process and each institution is responsible for its process,” he said.

Guzmán indicated that this was explained to the director of the COE, Juan Manuel Méndez García, who allegedly alleged that the institution does not select the winners of the contracts but that everything is through the DGCP platform.

To this Guzmán indicated that as the issues of public procurement are very technical, sometimes, inadvertently, wrong information is given.

“The problem with hiring is that technical expertise is required that may not necessarily be available at some institutions at this time,” he explained.

Regarding the same company always winning tenders, as has happened in the COE since 2016, that only five companies linked to each other are the ones that win the main processes, according to an investigation carried out by journalist Edith Febles, Guzmán indicated that this is very difficult and that it is only possible if the requirements do not establish clear technical specifications.

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