Tender celebration of Jennifer Lopez for her children They turn 13!

Tender celebration of Jennifer Lopez for her children They turn 13! (AP)

Tender celebration of Jennifer Lopez for her children They turn 13! | AP

Besides being a singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is a successful businesswoman, who despite being constantly busy with her activities takes time to care for her children who this February 22 turned 13 years old, in honor she shared some tender videos on her official Instagram account.

Emme Maribel Muñiz and Maximilian David Anthony are the names of the children of Jennifer Lopez that coincidentally are twins, product of their marriage with singer Marc Anthony, they are known more only as Emme and max.

The affectionate name with which she addresses both is “Coconuts”, in a first video that she shared 14 hours ago, the singer and businesswoman appears bringing them breakfast in bed with some notes that they immediately prepare to read while Jennifer Lopez she sits in front of them.

While the children of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez are reading their cards. The interpreter of “Play” shows without any regret in the video some tears that roll down her cheeks or rather it can be seen from the video, perhaps it was not something she expected but like all proud mothers and that you adore your children who have become teenagers is more than exciting to watch them grow and get older.

In the video she shared a long description where she basically expressed what any proud mother of her offspring would put on, she can’t believe that her children have grown up quite big and even though they barely entered adolescence, they are both independent and each has their own personality, Apparently they managed to inherit the best of their parents.

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Their mom loves them beyond eternity and forever, “wrote JLo.

Jennifer Lopez is sure that her children will be able to change the world in one way or another, she is so sure of her potential that she does not doubt it for a minute, she may feel a little fear because time passes quickly and like the fear of any mother you may feel like you need to spend more time with them.

The publication has more than 4 million red hearts and almost 10 thousand comments, among which obviously the congratulations for their little ones and above all they congratulate the beautiful actress and singer for the fact of being in these precious moments for them.

At the bottom of their description, some hashtag appear when one of them opens the one of “happybirthdaycoconuts, then another Instagram page appears where 424 publications with said hashtag appear, since they reached their first year to date, in some of the photos it is It is more than evident that Marc Anthony appears with whom Jennifer Lopez maintains a very beautiful relationship not only because of their children but also that they both became very good friends.

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The beautiful actress starring in the movie “Hustlers” has always been more than loving when it comes to her children, this love is more than reciprocal and the most interesting thing is that a large part of her 143 million followers also celebrate their birthday children, just as other people have done with their favorite celebrities.

Another video that La Diva del Bronxs also shared on her Instagram account is a collage of her children, from when they were very young until now, she dedicated a song to both of them that she wrote for her children, this is titled “One step at at time “.

In this description, he affirms that time passes very quickly when it comes to his children and that he would like it to be very slow, so that he can enjoy them much more.