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Many believe that it is a good time for large companies to acquire new development studios. Especially because of the imminent arrival of the new generation of consoles.

We recently talked to you about the possibilities for Sony to acquire various leading developers. This as part of the purchase of Leyou Technologies, a Chinese company, and its multiple subsidiaries.

Sony competes in negotiations with other companies, such as iDreamsky and Century Huatong. However, Chinese giant Tencent recently joined the bid, making it difficult for Sony to acquire the studios.

Sony and Tencent compete to buy from leading studios

According to a recent report, Tencent is interested in purchasing Leyou Technologies. In fact, sources claim that both companies are already talking about a possible agreement.

In case you don’t remember, the deal includes studios like Digital Extremes, Warframe makers, and Certain Affinity, who’ve worked on Halo and Call of Duty. Other Leyou subsidiaries are Splash Damage, Radiance Games, Athlon Games and Kingmaker.

So there is a lot at stake in this deal. It is estimated that the agreements between the two companies could be on the right track, as Leyou requested a temporary interruption of the trading of their shares.

« For those who missed it, Tencent and Leyou are in exclusive talks for the next 3 months. So, the deal will definitely close sometime between now and then. » said Daniel Ahmad, analyst at Niko Partners.

However, a failure by Tencent is not ruled out either, which would leave the doors open to Sony and the other companies. It is unclear what will happen, but an announcement from Leyou is expected in the coming months.

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