Tencent Acquires Part Of Lost Soul Aside Studio

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UltiZero Games revealed years ago the first trailer for Lost Soul Aside, an action game inspired by Final Fantasy XV and Ninja Gaiden. The project surprised and captured the attention of the players from the outset, as its mechanics and aesthetics were very attractive.

This also caught the attention of several companies, such as Sony Interactive Entertainment, who decided to support the studio and make Lost Soul Aside a temporary exclusive for their consoles. The title has been delayed several times, but is still planned for now for PlayStation 4.

Another major company set its eye on UltiZero Games, as Tencent was confirmed to have acquired a minority stake in the studio. On the other hand, a bit of information was given on how the development of the long-awaited title is progressing.

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Tencent already owns a part of UltiZero Games

Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at Niko Partners, shared the news about the new Tencent purchase on his social media. According to the details, the Chinese giant acquired a 10% minority stake in UltiZero Games.

Lost Soul Aside started as a one-man project: independent developer Yang Bing. As the analyst points out, the studio was founded in 2017 to work on the project after it had a very good reception among players during its reveal.

Later, it became part of Sony’s China Hero Project initiative. In Ahmad’s words, the development of Lost Soul Aside is on the right track. On the other hand, he revealed that the title will be exclusive to consoles for 12 months.

UltiZero Games is also working on a PC version of the title. Finally, Ahmad noted that Tencent has closed several company acquisition and merger deals in recent months. This due to its interest in the market both in China and internationally.

“I currently have the support of Sony and will work with other developers. So it will be a temporary exclusive for PlayStation 4 and will have multiple weapons, “said the creator of Lost Soul Aside several months ago.

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Lost Soul Aside is in development for PlayStation 4 and PC. The UltiZero Games title has no release date for now. In this link you will find more information about him.