Ten keys for you to achieve happiness in your work

Happiness at work is difficult to achieve because multiple complications arise that prevent us from reaching it. If the schedules are strict, the workloads are heavy and it is necessary to submit to rigorous disciplines, at the end of the working day, employees may feel overwhelmed, even worse if they face mobbing situations. In these circumstances, even if the results of the working day are good for the company, there is an inevitable feeling of unhappiness.

In these times, and largely due to the health contingency, almost no one can be totally happy, because there are many issues that make us feel uncomfortable, sad or angry

Smile or smile more. If you smile more, you establish a commitment to your work and increase your happiness there. Photo: Pixabay.

In our environment there are things that we can qualify as good and many other bad. So, although we cannot be fully happy, we must achieve states of mind as close as possible to happiness. For that we must do what we know brings us closer to happiness and avoid what takes us away from it.

We present ten keys so that the days at work pass in an atmosphere of happiness:

1. Fulfill the responsibilities of your position

Fulfill your responsibilities with enthusiasm, those that were established in the contract you signed, conclude on time what you must deliver. If there are details of the environment that you dislike, ignore them. Be optimistic.

Also be responsible, perform the functions that correspond to you and take the initiative to solve any situation that complicates or obstructs the work you do, also use the resources you have to complete your work in the best possible way.

2. Be nice and engaged

Try to establish cordial relationships, and if possible friendly with your co-workers, contribute to creating a harmonious work environment. Being nice to others does not imply that you are funny, that you like yourself in a deliberate effort to be accepted. Smile, say hello, be kind and courteous always, also support others when they need it and if possible.

That way you will help others to get involved the way you do.

3. Make punctuality a value that distinguishes you

If you are punctual, you show how responsible you are and the respect you have for the company where you work. You express the interest you have in your job.

All the commitments you have made commit you to arrive on time for any event, meeting, appointment with people or activities to be carried out.

By being punctual you become more orderly and efficient, because you are able to carry out more activities and even do your work better, in addition to the fact that others will trust you.

On the contrary, lateness reveals your null or limited capacity to organize your activities.

4. Stay focused on what you do

Concentrating on what you are doing shows your ability to keep your mind focused on a task, which is very useful to increase your productivity and to optimize your time.

To focus on what you are doing, you need to disconnect from what distracts you: the telephone, the television, the noise, and also from your internal distractors such as your negative thoughts and worries.

Also avoid doing several things at the same time and if it is not possible, do them one by one and put your full attention on all of them. Of course, order them according to their urgency, the economic value of what you do and what you like least.

7. Follow up on your commitments and problems

The follow-up you give to your commitments and the problems that you must solve allows you to make better use of your work schedule, that way you will not have to extend your working day, because you will make better use of your time. For that:

You can make a to-do list. Due to the complexity of the work you do, more than remembering everything you need to know, organize it and remind yourself of pending tasks. You can use an application to help you with the administration of your tasks.

Don’t scatter information across multiple media, such as email messages, word processing files, or handwritten notes. Instead, organize that information as if you were planning a project or organizing meeting notes. And share that information.

8. Take initiative, prepare and present proposals

If you are proactive and have initiative, in the company in which you work you will be highly valued, even being that way can help you move up, while you will have a good reputation with your boss and your colleagues.

You can make proposals for improvement, show the way to do things better and improve the productivity and efficiency of the company.

More valuable than those for improvement are the proposals for solutions to problems, it is of utmost importance that you get involved in their solution, even more so if you show your willingness to contribute to the solution.

You can also ask if there is work pending so, in case a colleague or your boss has not finished something, offer your help. This is another way you will show your initiative.

9. Increase the value of your position

In a changing environment like the current one, even if you feel safe in the position you occupy, you must adapt to the changes and update yourself, improve your skills frequently.

To do this, you can focus on the activities in which you have a good performance and on the tasks that you find pleasant. Find a way to improve your skills and qualities, for example, see the profile that companies ask for an applicant to occupy a position like yours, and develop in yourself those aspects that you do not cover.

Be flexible, adapt to changes, if you manage to do this you will be considered a candidate to assume other responsibilities in the company. Update yourself and offer your support to carry out other activities.

10. Rate your work

The time you spend in your workplace is at least a third of your life, value your job and ensure that there is harmony between your family and work life. Take these suggestions into account:

Stay positive by focusing on what you like. Smile or smile more. If you smile more, you establish a commitment to your work and increase your happiness there. Although your work does not define you, the way you do it and the attitude you express towards it does. Find a happy place and if you can get a picture of that place and post it near you. Don’t just focus on money. Your work is worth a lot, as much or more than what you get paid to do it. Rate it.

If the work you do does not make you happy, does not give you satisfaction or does not make you think about the future in a positive way, maybe it is time to look for another activity, just think of an exit strategy.

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