Temporary WhatsApp messages will self-destruct in 7 days

WhatsApp tries to improve its service with ‘temporary messages’ that will automatically self-destruct. This has been announced by the company on its website, although it is not yet available in the apps.

We have heard the news on the support website, in which they explain that once this function is activated, “New messages sent in the chat will disappear after seven days”, although this will not apply to messages previously sent or received in the chat in question. This function can be activated by any user in an individual conversation, although only the administrator can do it in a group.

The company’s motivation is improve the privacy of your users, although there are various exceptions with which these messages will not disappear:

– If we have the notifications activatedThese messages will not disappear from them, so WhatsApp will continue to warn – even if we do not want to.

– If ourselves or someone in the chat itself reply to the message directly or quote the same, the text will remain in the conversation even if the original disappears.

– The temporary messages They will also be saved in the WhatsApp backup.

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– If we have activated the automatic file download in WhatsApp and a file is sent through a ‘temporary message’, it will be saved on our device.

Until the company expands the information, we will not know if those 7 days is an immovable period or there will be the option to modify it. In turn, WhatsApp warns that although these messages disappear, it is convenient that Let’s try the option with trusted people, since anyone can take screenshots of our messages while they remain.

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