Telmex takes hundreds of criticisms for Disney Plus: They accuse of hoaxes

Yesterday there was one of the most anticipated moments for the most loyal fans of Mickey Mouse’s productions: Disney Plus arrived in the Mexican market. Although this was applauded by many users, the truth is that for some firms it resulted in dozens of criticisms and one of the most representative cases was Telmex.

For a few months, it has already been set aside that many companies could gain thanks to the arrival of this service derived from the associations made so that the platform that contains a large part of the Disney portfolio and its allied studios reach the largest number of subscribers in the country .

In recent weeks, Televisa assured that to benefit its cable segment in Mexico through the Izzi brand, it will offer the Disney Plus platform as an additional service to this service.

In the middle of a conference with analysts, Salvi Folch, director of the cable segment at Televisa, highlighted that “(Disney Plus) will be an additional service that will be offered to the customer base in Mexico. Instead of seeing it Disney Plus) as a competitor, there are ways in which we can all benefit, including Disney and ourselves, from new entrants to the market ”, revealed Salvi Folch, director of the cable segment at Televisa in a conference with analysts

In this same sense, Disney Plus and Mercado Libre have just announced an agreement with which customers of the renowned online shopping site will be able to access many benefits related to the new streaming services.

According to what is indicated in a press release issued by MErcado Libre, when contracting a subscription to Disney Plus, users of the e-commerce store would have months of gift depending on the amount of Mercado Points that they add to their account, with what they can enjoy Disney content for up to 6 months for free.

In the case of Telmex, from its Infinitum brand a free month of Disney Plus was offered when hiring it in a package, a situation that right now seems not to be being fulfilled, in addition to putting the brand in certain predicaments.

At the very least, they can see dozens of complaints from social networks, where while some people complain of not having access to enter Disney Plus, many others claim that, without prior notice and authorization, Telmex registered this service in their packages.

With this in mind, the affected customers have asked Profeco to intervene in the case through their social media profiles to find a solution, which the brand has tried to offer from its available customer service channels.

The above is one more example of the importance of covering one of the main premises in marketing both in time and in form.

Whether for a matter of promotion or as the added value of the product constantly, brands must ensure that their promises are kept to the consumer.

This issue takes on special relevance at a juncture like the one we are now living in, where the sensitivity to not having what is fair and promised for the price paid is even greater.

What brands put on trial in this type of case is the trust that is generated among users, an aspect that is an important factor in purchasing decisions in a world with hundreds of opportunities in all categories.