The co-chairs of Grupo Televisa, Alfonso de Angoitia and Bernardo Gómez, visited the San Ángel forums. They thanked the productions for their work.

Alfonso de Angoitia and Bernardo Gomez, co-chairs of Grupo Televisa, made a surprise visit to the San Ángel forums. There they thanked the talent and production teams for their work, commitment and solidarity with the company during the confinement of the Covid-19 pandemic.

They highlighted that with their effort, information and content continued to be generated, which during the health contingency became an indispensable element for families who are in confinement.

During his tour of the forums of different productions such as « Imperio de mentiras », « La mexicana y el guero », « Lorenza drinks on board », « Neighbors » and « Cuéntamelo Ya! », They took the opportunity to review that they are being implemented perfection sanitary measures. Their first stop was in the program « Today » where they surprised the drivers live.

In his time on the program, De Angoitia gave the resumption of the flag to the six new productions and noted that they checked that everyone is comfortable, happy and protected.

In their various visits to the various forums, they took the opportunity to ratify the television station’s commitment to ensuring that its people feel safe at work. In addition to checking the sanitation and cleaning measures of the forums, they highlighted the security measures to maintain the health of all those who work there.

On behalf of Emilio Azcárraga, they reiterated their appreciation for the professionalism they have shown in these times, because thanks to this, the company has already resumed all its production work, and announced that La Fábrica de Sueños resumed its recordings.

Regarding the campaign « Televisa accompanies you », they indicated that they are committed to making it a daily reality for all Mexicans. They stressed that since the virus arrived in the country, the company has been busy keeping the public informed about preventive measures for contagion, while providing entertainment for the entire family that stays at home as part of the confinement.

Among the measures that Televisa applies for its recordings are the deep and constant sanitation of forums, the mandatory use of mouthguards and the constant application of antibacterial gel or hand washing, in addition to taking the temperature when entering the facilities. There is also a reduction in work teams, as well as coronavirus testing for all casts. Various adjustments to the script have also had to be made to avoid risky contacts.