Como en Casa, the daily morning magazine of Teleuniverso channel 29, launches a renewed format and new tenants, now from the company Francisco Muy Diferente Group.

Francisco Vásquez explained that he assumes this challenge trusting in local talent and in producing a good level proposal where variety, entertainment and fun will be offered, « which will make Como en Casa the most complete and varied program in its schedule » and I believe on Santiago television and his talents ”.

“Como en Casa” airs from 10:00 to 11:30 in the morning from Monday to Friday on Teleuniverso, a company that gives Vásquez a vote of confidence in this challenge.

The cast

For this new stage of « Como en Casa », Vásquez joins communicator Brenda Sánchez, former Miss Dominican Republic Kimberly Castillo, young presenter Anthony Tejada, as well as chef and communicator Patricia Diaz and actress Juana Worthy

The production and general coordination will be José Ceballos. « They are highly talented professionals who will accompany Dominican families on a morning show, » said Vásquez.

« Como en Casa » includes front-page news, topics of general interest, interviews, cooking recipes, useful tips, contests, fashion and style, the latest in the world of entertainment, as well as the weekly horoscope with astrologer Mario Vannucci , was explained.

« The space has been part of Dominican television for several years and with this new format, viewers will receive light, entertaining and fun content, » said Amaury Polanco, general director of Teleuniverso.

Muy Diferente Group assumes this production, in addition to the programs “Francisco Muy Diferente Radio y TV”, led by Francisco Vásquez, currently one of the most solid figures on Cibao television.

Vásquez has distinguished himself for his role in programs in Santiago and Santo Domingo, especially from his own space together with a team in which professionals from different areas stand out.

In Santiago.

From Teleuniverso, channel 29, in Santiago, Francisco Vásquez’s television production is tuned to Puerto Rico, the United States and other countries.