Telemundo and Univision reporter Edna Schmidt died and in her last message she fought for Puerto Rico

The news of the death of Edna Schmidt, a Telemundo and Univision reporter who lost her life at the age of 51 and about which the causes are still unknown, has transpired. As a journalist and lover of Puerto Rico that he was today, you can read through Twitter what the last message he left there. And his last words date from June 16 of this year and were addressed to the Governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro Pierluisi.

Edna Schmidt’s response came after the governor himself shared a three-message thread. The first one reads the following: “The people of Puerto Rico made it clear that they want Equality for the Island. The Report of the federal Department of Justice makes it clear that the only options for status are #Status, Independence or maintaining territorial status. (1/3) “.

Keep going: “That proves what statesmen have been saying for years and that is why our people support the #State. There are no constitutionally viable options for an Commonwealth outside of the territorial clause. (2/3) “.

It concludes: “It is time for those who have been selling stories to the people to just accept the reality that the Federal Department of Justice puts in writing today. We will not rest until we achieve #Equality for Puerto Rico, which guarantees us #Status. (3/3) “.

After all of the above, the words of the journalist Edna Schmidt are read, which emerge as a clear warning to the ruler: “Put the batteries on! Watching carefully! I guarantee that the next thing that comes, is not going to be very good for YOU. Worse days are coming! Put yourself in their shoes, because every day, on this beautiful island… you want to go. Do something about it! We are losing our best professionals! ”.

He also added: “It is time for me to stop strolling and focus more on the town! Or is he looking for “First Lady”? And let’s take our beautiful island FORWARD !!! ”, in response to his third message.

And it is that throughout June 16 Edna spent sharing her opinions on Twitter and mentioning the governor of Puerto Rico demanding that the rights of her compatriots be respected in many ways, here are some of her latest messages:

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