Telemundo actor Alí Humar loses his life after being infected

Telemundo actor, Alí ​​Humar, loses his life after being infected | Instagram

The successful actor Alí Humar of Colombian origin, who collaborated on Telemundo, lost his life at the age of 76 due to a cardiorespiratory arrest.

Ali Humar who acted in the famous Telemundo series, “Sin s3nos no hay paraiso”, giving life to Morón with Carmen Villalobos, who stars in this production, left last Tuesday causing great commotion.

The Colombian art world was dyed in mourning last Tuesday, June 29 after the renowned Colombian actor and director Ali Humar, lost his life, the causes have been attributed to the powerful infection.

The story, recorded in 2008 and in which he played the narcotraf! Cante Pablo Morón, a character that he would return to years later in “El final del paraiso”.

With deep pain, we report that Ali Humar G left today, at 76 years of age due to a cardiac arrest and after battling an acute condition aggravated by Covid-19 and despite having his vaccination scheme.

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This was announced by Humar’s family through a statement that was released to public opinion.

Prior to his departure, Humar would have stayed at the Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá, an entity to which the director’s family thanked him for his services:

The actor is survived by his wife, Guiomar Jaramillo, with whom he was over 40 years old, his children Fabio, and Valentina, who also heartily thank all the expressions of affection, from family, friends and colleagues who have sent messages of solidarity. read in a section of the report.

We especially thank the medical staff of the Santa Fe de Bogotá Foundation for their professionalism, their human qualities and the special attention received for Alí at all times, the statement cites.

In the same way, they will reiterate that the memory of who Ali Humar was will remain forever present in their hearts.

Alí Humar was an important actor, director, and television presenter, he left an important professional legacy that will remain in the hearts of those who witnessed his “undeniable love for culture.”

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The news of his departure has generated a great commotion among the Colombian artistic statement, which did not take long to regret what happened with messages of sorrow through social networks.

It wouldn’t have taken long for endless condolences to come through on social media.

It was the actor Gregorio Pernia, who also shared the recording set with Alí, they both collaborated on the Telemundo series.

God have me in his glory. Great companion, writer, playwright, director of a Happy Saturdays program. May God bless me always, said the actor behind ‘El Titi’ after learning of the sad departure of his work colleague.

At the bottom of the report in small lines a message is read in which it is specified that there will be no wake-up services.

The native of El Colegio (Cundinamarca) built a very nourished career on television, mainly he is remembered because it was almost two decades that he was in charge of the program “Happy Saturdays” as director.

He worked both in directing and acting. In this first field, one of his most popular productions is “Los Cuervos”, which was premiered in the 80s with talented actors such as Teresa Gutiérrez, Carlos Barbosa, among many others.

Similarly, Alí ​​Humar collaborated in other productions that he directed such as “Lola Calamidades” launched in the 80s and “Señora Isabel” seen by the public in the early 90s.

On the other hand, he took advantage of his talent as an actor and was one of his last works in the popular series launched by Telemundo in 2008.

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Another of his goals that he achieved was the launch of a book launched in 2020: “Alí Humar: It’s my version and he didn’t change it.”

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