Telegram has released new versions of its clients, featuring news on both macOS and iOS and iPadOS. These cover various aspects, although the most interesting ones will brighten the day for those who extend the use of Telegram beyond the instant messaging service.

The reason I am saying this is that Telegram is now capable of send attachments up to 2GB, and of any format. Thus, the maximum limit is increased by 500 MB, in order to use the service to send large files or even use it from the warehouse if we send those messages to a conversation with ourselves.

Animated avatars, stats for large groups, and more changes

Telegram iphone ios statistics

Another curious novelty is that now our profile pictures can be animated. They will still be seen as static in the conversation list and in the chats, but they will be encouraged in our profile sheet to show off when other contacts consult it. The service has also taken advantage of the update to animate several more emojis.

In addition, we also have as a novelty the statistics for groups of more than 500 people, the Support of multiple accounts of the service in the macOS client, the filtering of conversations depending on whether or not the contacts are in our agenda, the thumbnails of images that are sent in the chat from the list of conversations and a new optional effect to soften the skin in the photographs we take.

An introduction to Telegram: benefits, registration and basic use

All of these updates are now available for free. Little by little, Telegram is introducing new features that add arguments in favor of qualifying it not only as a messaging service with advanced options, if not also as a versatile ecosystem for advanced users who want to experiment.

Telegram sharing updates with file uploads up to 2GB, animated avatars, and advanced statistics