Telegram security flaw reveals content

In recent months, Telegram launched an interesting public relations attack against WhatsApp.

And it is that after the controversy that it generated in the change of policies of the Facebook platform, Telegram found a weak point that it tried to capitalize on to improve the number of subscribers to its service.

A recent report signed by Statista indicated that Telegram and Signal surpassed WhatsApp in the daily number of downloads in most of Latin America, after the announced change.

With data provided by Airnow Data, the report reveals that at least during this month the statistics favor the two great WhatsApp competitors, a trend that was aggravated once the new policies for the use of this application owned by Facebook were released .

On January 13 alone, Telegram’s mobile downloads on iOS and Android devices almost doubled those from WhatsApp. Signal, meanwhile, surpassed the daily WhatsApp downloads for the first time on January 11, registering more than 373 thousand downloads, which means 130 thousand more than WhatsApp. If this trend continues, Telegram and Signal could establish themselves as the most popular messaging apps in Latin America this year.

These figures have given Telegram a reason to sharpen the battle against its biggest rival, which has begun to move its chips at a time when WhatsApp opened the door for the spotlight to focus on its competitor.

The founder of Telegram, Pável Dúrov, through a post published on his messaging service account, said “he feels honored that political leaders, as well as numerous public organizations, trust Telegram to combat disinformation” while affirming that “ Unlike other networks, Telegram does not use non-transparent algorithms to decide whether a subscriber will see the content they subscribed to or not. As a result, Telegram channels are the only direct way for opinion leaders to reliably connect with their audiences. “

The bet in communication was to exalt the security conditions that Telegram offers; However, these statements now seem to have been questioned after a security flaw was revealed that revealed thousands of content published by users of the service.

According to various specialized media, an error in the security of the service allowed sending a series of animated stickers to access information from other people’s chats, where content such as private messages, videos and photographs were violated. These were accessible for a limited time taking advantage of another additional vulnerability discovered in the secret chats of the messaging service.

Both flaws were fixed thanks to a series of updates released between September 30 and October 2, 2020, on all platforms on which Telegram available.

These errors are now added to one more failure that was discovered in the secret Telegram chats, which have as one of their characteristic functions the possibility of sending private messages that are automatically deleted once the receiver receives them.

However, a security expert warned that this did not yield at least in one of the apps available for mcOS.

Specifically, the failure was reported in version 7.3 of Telegram, where audio and video messages that would have been deleted could be recovered.

This failure was discovered by the Italian security company Shielder, same that when detecting security errors, they accounted for Telegram Y they waited about 90 days before making the discovery public.

The team of Shielder highlighted that “periodic security reviews are crucial in software development, especially with the introduction of new features, like animated stickers ”. Adding that “the failures we have reported could have been used in an attack to access the devices of political opponents, journalists or dissidents.”