Telegram creator criticizes Apple and its iPhone 12: “it’s ugly”

When it comes to Apple, the founder of Telegram, Pável Dúrov always has something negative to say. This year, the executive of the courier company joined the notorious claim of several companies that accused those of the bitten apple of competing unfairly, thanks to their policies in the App Store. Now, he has once again used the means at his disposal to criticize the iPhone 12.

Pavel Dúrov TelegramPavel Dúrov against Apple

This time, Pável Dúrov has released a statement, from his Telegram channel, in which he explains in detail what bothers him about the recently presented iPhone 12, and how you perceive the future of it.

They describe the iPhone 12 as “incredibly clunky”

According to Dúrov, both the hardware and the software of the iPhone 12 face innovation

“I just tested an iPhone 12 Pro, what an incredibly clunky piece of hardware. It looks and feels like a bigger version of the iPhone 5 from 2012, but with an ugly variant of cameras that stick out at three different heights. The noticeable notch and wide bezels are still there, proportionally creating a smaller screen-to-body ratio, and giving the device a general feeling of being outdated. «

“Nine years after Steve Jobs passed away, the company continues to live off the technology and the reputation he built, without incorporating any significant innovation. Not surprisingly, iPhone sales fell 21% earlier this year. If this trend continues, in 7 or 10 years the market share of the iPhone will be negligible“.”

iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 mini in storesThe iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 mini

As a big name in the tech industry, Dúrov’s opinion will always make headlines. But knowing his feelings towards Apple, it even seems logical to expect these kinds of comparisons.

And although perhaps some users have similar opinions, when it comes to Apple, demand for iPhone 12 continues to rise and with which in the coming months, he will have general figures that may or may not confirm Dúrov’s vision.