One of the many problems that the COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the new coronavirus, has unleashed is the excess of information, but especially fake news. For sample it is enough that you open the chats of your family groups and see the amount of false news that is sent. Fortunately for us, Telegram, it is doing its bit to the dissemination of truthful information and has just created a streamlined verification process for its users.

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According to a statement from the company published on its blog, Telgram is aware of the amount of news that is disseminated through its channels. And they assure that, recently they have noticed a new type of channel that is gaining popularity. They refer to those created by the Ministries of Health around the world. “India, Malaysia, Israel and many other countries now send news updates, warnings and advice via Telegram,” the report states. And they continue:

“To help users distinguish trusted sources from fake news, we’re launching a streamlined verification process today. If you’ve verified accounts on other social media services, just contact our new @VerifyBot to get a verification badge for your channel, group or bot ”.

Telegram is convinced that information is the most powerful weapon in the fight for global health, “at least until we receive a vaccine”, therefore:

“To do our part, we have been sending notifications to all users in countries that have official channels with updates on the virus, offering to join.”

One more thing, the messaging platform appeals to the workers of the Ministries of Health of each country who wish to promote their channel to verify it using the @VerifyBot and contacting the account