Telegram channels, the new alternative to OnlyFans: ‘All the money I earn is mine, without commissions’

OnlyFans was on everyone’s lips for months. Those were days when the pandemic had already become a reality that we live daily. And, in the middle of news about the coronavirus, those focused on this social network that works with a subscription for full access to content from content creators. What was really striking was that a large part of that proposal was erotic or porn. XXX content on demand. Now, the platform is already known although it is no longer the only way to get this type of exclusive content. In the midst of a whirlwind of Telegram downloads, the channels of the messaging app have become in an alternative to OnlyFans.

Mia started uploading this type of content when the quarantine began, “For not having a job or money”. Like most people who make this decision, he decided to open an account at OnlyFans but, months later, he switched to LoverFans, a social network that is exclusively dedicated to adult content, but is a first cousin of OnlyFans. However, its Telegram channel is what gives it the highest profitability.

The downloads of the platform have risen like the foam in recent months due to the new privacy policies of WhatsApp. Telegram has managed to corner the most downloaded messaging app in the world. You could do the same with the platform that became famous for its erotic and subscription content.

Telegram channels: without intermediaries

Mia decided to open her channel on Telegram, in the first place, because there are no intermediaries in payments. On platforms such as OnlyFans, payments are made through the app and it also receives a commission which, in the case of the latter, is of 20%. On the other hand, in a private Telegram channel, all the money Mía receives from her ‘fans’ goes entirely to her. “My money earned is mine, without commissions or giving a percentage to anyone,” he explained to

Operation is simple: Mia fully controls who enters and leaves your Telegram channel because only those people to whom she sends the link can enter. For this, the ‘fan’ has to pay first for the subscription. In the case of Mía, the rates are € 10 per month, € 15 for two months and € 25 for three. “It depends on the time they have paid, once it’s over, I throw them out.” Payment options are through providers payment services like Bizum or Verse.

‘I could not enter OnlyFans because my passport was expired’

Fetish content, explicit sessions, videos … Mia uploads all kinds of content to Telegram and, as in all the app’s channels, interaction between users is not allowed. “Only I can send messages, so that there is the same thread and it doesn’t take away the magic of suddenly seeing other people’s reactions. However, it does have private messages enabled for those who want a ‘sexting’ session. That is paid separately, of course.

Anderson López compared the operation of the channel with a WhatsApp group but in which only he can speak. In your case, Telegram and Twitter are the promotion platforms for your porn content. “I could not enter the OnlyFans platform because my passport has expired and must be valid to register or they reject your account,” explained Anderson from Colombia to Hipertextual.

Despite not having a number of followers with many zeros, the content creator has managed to attract loyal fans that allow it to increase its financial income. Like Mía, the decision to start uploading pornographic content is explained by a difficult financial situation. “The pandemic has lowered the economy of our homes and not only in my house, but in that of many. Pornography has always sold very well, generates good income and I feel like I can do it. I have the attitude and support of some people ”.

Anderson started on Twitter and the ‘fans’ he got were enough to open his Telegram channel with exclusive content. For $ 6 a month you can access his channel with pornographic photos and videos. “They can acquire my content by sending money to my bank accounts in Colombia. I am currently enabling Skrill (an online payment platform) and Western Union shipping. They send me the money, the filing number and their Telegram username and I add them to the channel ”.

Anderson López affirmed that he was starting out in this sector but his goal is to continue growing. “I am recording and taking some photos for publicity and for the Telegram channel. I’ll try to handle this as professionally as possible”, He highlighted.

Although Mia and Anderson opted for Telegram channels as an alternative to OnlyFans, the platform that became famous for offering subscriptions for exclusive content does not seem to be going to ruin. According to Mía, based on the behavior she saw on OnlyFans before leaving the platform, many people prefer to enter these apps to see very different profiles. In the case of Telegram, it’s more personal.

However, channels on Telegram with erotic content can be a tonic that other ‘influencers’ who are present in OnlyFans begin to follow. Especially for those who want to get their payment without intermediaries. After creating their network of followers on the platform, content creators could promote their Telegram channel to get an extra on their income. Or, as in the case of Anderson, bet on the union of Twitter and Telegram.

The ‘oasis’ of porn beyond OnlyFans

Telegram Channels, OnlyFansDainis Graveris / Unsplash

Facebook vetoes ponographic content. Also Instagram. And Google. And YouTube. Almost everyone except Twitter. Despite the fact that the social network has tightened the fence on fake news and violent content, it has not done the same with photos and porn videos. It is not unreasonable to say, therefore, that Twitter has become one of the latest havens of XXX content.

Telegram is the other. The community of the messaging app increases every day for the sake of greater privacy. There is a control on public channels, in which pornographic, terrorist content, or the violation of intellectual property will be a reason for blocking. Nevertheless, private channels are confidential and encrypted. That means no one can see them. Therefore, they can only be accessed through a link or an invitation from the administrator.

Actually, the channels that Mía or Anderson have could also be transferred to WhatsApp. They could create a group of which they were administrators and control who enters or leaves it. In fact, Mía claimed that she has sexted with some of her ‘fans’ through this platform. But this strategy is watering for several reasons. First of all, because WhatsApp groups have a maximum of 100 members. It is not a good place to increase the community of followers.

On the other hand, to add someone it is necessary to have their phone number and the administrator’s contact would also be exposed. In Telegram, on the other hand, only the Username to access or create channels.

Is it more insecure?

In private channels, all control is in the hands of whoever created it. But what is gained in personality can be lost in security. “Any type of illegal content can be distributed, also fake news and people can be harassed and things like that,” alerted Marco Preuss, director of the global research and analysis team (GReAT) for Kaspersky Europe. He continued that, regardless of the psychological aspect, “users who use these channels have to be aware that they are also controlled and intervened by the police and law enforcement. Private channels are not outside the law and can be traced. “

If we think of possible fraud, we can think of users who transfer to a content creator who never adds to the channel. Or that you receive a virus folder disguised as erotic photos and videos. However, Preuss indicated that even though the scam is possible, not a Telegram specific problem. “It is necessary to always be careful with what is done on this type of platform and be cautious with the data that is shared, as well as with the places where the money is sent,” he explained to Hipertextual.

Is it less secure for content creators to have a Telegram channel instead of managing everything by OnlyFans? There is no clear answer because, the expert pointed out, each platform has its pros and cons. But all precautions are necessary, Marco Preuss concluded:

“Content creators need to be aware that content leaks can occur, regardless of the platform they use. In addition, there may be other repercussions that must be taken into account before entering this area.”

Porn vs. pandemic

We may or may not agree with these new ways of consuming ponography, but it is a growing phenomenon that began with the coronavirus pandemic. Since March of last year, when in countries like Spain a home confinement was established that would last more than two months, the consumption of pornography began a golden age.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the consumption of pornography increased worldwide by 11% during the month of March 2020, according to a study published after the first confinement in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions. So much so that even Pornhub extended its period of free porn so that everyone could enjoy the content.

But the real winner of the pandemic was OnlyFans. Currently, the platform adds half a million users to its community every day. In total, you’re paying $ 200 million a month to content creators. The numbers keep growing.

And, while the pandemic seems to have no near end, the channels and options for accessing pornographic content are increasing. And unfortunately, so do difficulties for many young people without work who end up creating their Telegram channel with pornographic content to earn money. Like Mia and Anderson.

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