Telegram reaches version 6.0 and does so, as it could not be otherwise, with a good number of new features. Among all of them, the star change is the possibility of organize your chats in folders, very useful for those who have hundreds and hundreds of open chats.

Telegram 6.0 not only helps you organize your life a little, but incorporates other small, but useful changes. The limit of how many chats you can pin is removed, detailed statistics for channels are added, more animated emojis arrive and an animated die is included which, like a real one, will show you a random number every time you use it.

Folders arrive

The most important change in this new version of Telegram is folders. Now you can create folders to classify your chats, to your liking or using one of the preconfigured smart folders.

Telegram folders should reach all platforms, although at the moment they do not seem to be active at least on Android. It probably won’t take long to activate from the server side or as a second update.

All the pins you want

Until now Telegram only allowed you to pin two chats at most, and this limit has been removed. Remember that pin chats remain at the top of the list even though there are other chats that have more recent messages. With the latest version of Telegram you can now pin as many chats as you like.

Channel Statistics

If you are an administrator of a channel with several users, you will be pleased to know that Telegram now has a complete panel with statistics about the channel. This is accessible from the menu and displays data on audience, post performance, growth, and more.

More animated emojis

There is no new version of Telegram that runs out of its new animated emojis, and a few more are added in Telegram 6.0. Let’s remember that they are “normal” emojis that they show up big, like stickers, and encouraged. Several are included, unfortunately, very fashionable these days, such as a mask, coronavirus, soap or an ambulance.


Speaking of animated emojis, if you send the emoji of a die to a chat, it will show like animated emoji and with a random result. That is, you can use Telegram chats as virtual dice, if you do not have real ones at hand. The result of the dice is consistent on other devices and for the rest of the chat participants.


         Telegram 6.0 releases folders to organize chats, virtual dice, statistics for channels and more news