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Telefonica Tech has signed a collaboration agreement with Microsoft on Azure Private Edge Zone. The integration combines the operator’s private 5G connectivity with the North American multinational’s edge computing capabilities at the client’s facilities to drive its digital transformation and allow automation and control of its industrial processes.

Within the strategy of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, the joint vision of both companies is to facilitate the deployment of local 5G computing and communications industrial solutions under an integrated architecture.

The idea is to facilitate the deployment of industrial communications solutions and local 5G computing under an integrated architecture

This model accelerates the adoption of new business processes, included within the concept of “Smart Factory”, where the digitization of equipment, the intensive use of computing and artificial intelligence to facilitate business decision-making and the security of data, which never leaves the company’s facilities, are key points.

This approach allows expanding the ecosystem of available solutions and creating a reference model in the industrial market, migrating traditional services to a single and efficient model, and incorporating new technologies and innovative solutions.

This proposal will allow industrial clients to deploy private connectivity and computing capabilities in their facilities in an integrated manner.

From an operational point of view, this proposal will allow industrial clients to deploy private connectivity and computing capabilities in their facilities in an integrated way, with an end-to-end vision, guaranteeing the highest levels of security, efficiency and benefits that are available. they need to run business and mission-critical applications.

Telefónica Tech promotes 5G in Industry with Microsoft.

“This collaboration agreement between Telefónica Tech and Microsoft, taking advantage of the capabilities and experiences of both companies, will allow us to offer our clients a framework for the creation, deployment and operation of industrial solutions and their private communications in an integrated way inside and outside the This framework addresses the needs of companies that want to deploy demanding industrial use cases on high-performance and secure private connectivity, with a focus on simplicity, replicability and scalability, “he says. Gonzalo Martín-Villa, CEO of IoT and Big Data at Telefónica Tech.

“Together with Telefónica Tech, we can enable companies to leverage 5G to accelerate transformation and drive innovation across industrial scenarios within their own private networks,” he says Yousef Khalidi, Azure Corporate Vice President for Microsoft Operators. “Partners like Telefónica Tech are essential in helping us meet the local needs of our industrial clients. We look forward to working together to help our clients take advantage of this platform to drive the transformation of their businesses and that of the industry as a whole in the future. next”.

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