Telefnica launches the new wholesale soccer offer this season

Telephone has already launched the new wholesale offer of Pay TV Channels, which establishes the requirements for contracting football rights for the next season to replace the one that is still in force, to which only Orange So what expires July 31.

The offer has been communicated to operators and companies that have shown interest last week, according to market sources informed ..

The distribution of rights with operators must be notified to the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), something that is expected to occur now, taking into account that the matches of The league They will not take long to begin, according to several sources confirmed to ..

The terms of the offer are not expected to vary substantially. for the acquisition of rights, which will be paid according to a formula already regulated by the CNMC.

Orange paid about 300 million for the rights

Orange paid almost 300 million last year for the broadcasting rights of the The league and the Champions League, which now expire on July 31.

Then, it became the only alternative operator to offer the main national and international competitions in the 20/21 season, all after Vodafone will renounce to present any offer.

LaLiga Santander (1 Division), LaLiga SmartBank (2 Division), the UEFA champions league and the UEFA Europa League These are the matches that Orange included in its television offer, which it announced in July 2020.

These nearly 300 million euros were paid after applying a system called Minimum Guaranteed Cost, a formula whose purpose is to share the risk in the acquisition of exclusive emission rights in Spain.

This distribution of the cost among all the operators that exploit the channel is carried out proportionally to several factorsThe most relevant being the number of pay television subscribers (whether or not they have contracted the corresponding channel), according to market sources.

This is precisely one of the points that has been criticized by Orange Spain, whose CEO Jean-Franois Fallacher, recently released in office, has already expressed his rejection of this formula applied for the payment of rights.

Orange believes that the rights should be paid based on registrations to this sport, and not television in general, as he said.

A confidential topic that nobody wants to comment on

It is a confidential matter on which neither Orange, neither Telephone have wanted to anticipate what will happen this season, and if they foresee that Orange revert to being the only alternate operator offering football.

Vodafone, the other most relevant operator in Spain, has already dissociated himself from football: in 2018 he stopped broadcasting the Partidazo and the Champions League and in 2019, The league.

Telefnica acquired in 2015 a commitment to share these rights by purchasing Channel + on Spain, an operation, whose authorization by the CNMC, was subject to a series of requirements to share this sport with the competition, which expired in 2020.

Thus, the operator is obliged to offer the rest, through a wholesale offer, access to its premium channels, which include football (The league Y Champions), motor (Formula 1), Cinema and Series.

Telephone I tried in vain that the CNMC lift this commitment, that is required to comply at least until 2023. From the CNMC This week it was already anticipated that they would not comment on this for a year and a half.

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