Telecinco premieres ‘My home, my destiny’ after ‘The island of temptations’ on February 25

Telecinco does not give up on its love affair with Turkish fiction. Despite the fact that the comedy ‘Love is in the air’ has not been able to compete with the big data of Antena 3, ‘My daughter’ and ‘Woman’ bets, the Mediaset chain has another bullet in the chamber: ‘My home, my destiny’. On this occasion, it is a drama, adjusting to the genre favored by the public, which has already received a premiere date from the Fuencarral communication group.

Demet Özdemir in ‘My home, my destiny’

‘My home, my destiny’ will premiere at dawn from Thursday 25 to Friday 26 February. So that, fiction assumes a somewhat late space, since its first episode will start broadcasting at 00:30 and it will come to an end around 2:30. In this way, Mediaset avoids confronting the newcomer with the Atresmedia phenomena, which occupy the prime of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

However, this location in the early morning does not necessarily have to be negative, since it will go hand in hand with the broadcast of the new installment of ‘The island of temptations’, which is around three million viewers with their Thursday galas . Therefore, Turkish drama makes sure to capture the attention, even during its inception, of a large number of peopleAs long as they don’t go to sleep when the credits of the reality show presented by Sandra Barneda appear.

This is ‘My home, my destiny’

In any case, from Mediaset this event is referred to as a preview, so its location on the grid could change later. Even so, those who prefer to see it on demand can do so through Mitele. What’s more, It can also be enjoyed on Divinity, the chain where it was going to premiere in the first instance the story of Zeynep, a young woman who was separated from her family when she was little and with whom she will meet again at a very different time in her life.