Telecinco goes to the Turkish drama with the premiere of ‘My home, my destiny’

Antena 3 has set a precedent with its commitment to placing Turkish series in prime time. Currently, between the dramas ‘Woman’ and ‘My daughter’, the chain dedicates four days a week to this type of content, which provides irrefutable data. On the obverse of this fashion is Telecinco, which has tried to reap that success with the Turkish comedy ‘Love is in the air’. However, Mediaset’s attempt has failed to take flight, but the Fuencarral group already has another attempt prepared to conquer the public.

Demet Özdemir and Ibrahim Çelikkol in ‘My home, my destiny’

Once the greater interest in drama than in comedy has been contrasted, Mediaset has decided to change gender when promoting the launch of the romantic tragedy ‘My home, my destiny’ on Telecinco. In the first instance, it had been announced that this fiction would be broadcast through Divinity, but finally its debut has ascended to the big leagues.

The potential success of the series largely lies in the fact that its protagonist, Demet Özdemir, is already a familiar face among Spanish audiences. First he was seen with Can Yaman in ‘Erkenci Kus: Dreaming Bird’, and then we could continue to enjoy his comic vision in ‘Room 309’. Now changes record by assuming his first dramatic role in ‘My home, my destiny’, based on the novel written by Gülseren Budayicioglu.

Facing the world

‘My home, my destiny’ tells the story of Zeynep (Özdemir), a young woman who was adopted by a wealthy family when she was little. After growing up in a wealthy environment, the protagonist must face the reality of her past, which leads her to meet Mehdi (Ibrahim Çelikkol), the man who changes her life. The broadcast of the series started in 2019 on TV8, where its second season is currently broadcast.