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In a month that has been marked by the start of the so-called « new normal » after the coronavirus crisis and by the arrival of summer, Telecinco has once again become the most watched television network in Spain. This has managed to lead the month of June with a good 15.4% share, losing only -0.1 points compared to May. For its part, Antena 3 remains the second most followed television and it does so by rising, since it achieves an 11.2% average share, improving +0.2 points on what was achieved in the previous month. At the same time, La 1 does not manage to improve the results of May and is that after losing -0.2 points, it scores 8.9% in the monthly fee. On the other hand, laSexta is the chain with the lowest, falling -0.7 points and staying at 6.9%, but manages to beat Cuatro, which scores 5.2%; thus losing -0.6 points.

Ana Rosa Quintana, presenter of ‘The Ana Rosa program’

Ranking of chains and leaderships

The leadership by targets is distributed as follows:

– Telecinco is a leader in both sexes, in those over 13 years of age and older, as well as in the Commercial Target.

– Clan is a leader among children from 4 to 12 years old (14.0%).

Regarding the breakdown by region:

– Telecincolidera in all regions except in Catalonia where TV3 is the leading chain and the Balearic Islands where Payment Themes are the most viewed option.

By time bands and days of the week they lead:

– Telecinco is the leader in all time slots except for the early morning hours, where Payment Themes maintain their leadership.

By days of the week:

– Telecinco is the leading chain seven days a week.

Television consumption

The total consumption of the month of June 2020 is 3 hours and 45 minutes per person per day, 10 minutes more than in the month of June last year. Linear consumption is 217 minutes, which includes the concept of guests (96% TTV) and the deferred sum 7 minutes (3% TTV), which represents 225 minutes per viewer and day (3 hours and 45 minutes). By targets, those who spend more time watching television each day are, by sex, women (4 hours and 1 minutes daily average) and by age groups, those over 64 years of age (with 6 hours and 5 minutes of average per person per day). The daily consumption time of viewers who watch television every day is 5 hours and 15 minutes a day, 19 minutes more than the same month last year. Regarding television coverage, 31.1 million Spaniards contact the television medium daily (-281 thousand less than the same month the previous year), which represents 68.6% of the population.

TV groups

Mediaset occupies the first position in the ranking of business groups with 29.6% (-0.3). Atresmedia, in second position, signs 26.0% (+ 0.1). RTVE adds 14.7% (-0.2), its monthly minimum, while FORTA achieves 7.7% (repeats result), Grupo Vocento 2.8% (+0.2) and Unidad Editorial records the 2.5% (+ 0.3). The two main communication groups (Mediaset and Atresmedia) concentrate 55.6% of the audience market (+0.2). The sum of the three big chains, La 1, Telecinco and Antena 3, registered 35.5% of the share (-0.1), more than three points than in August. Private televisions add 71.8% of screen share (+0.9), while public television sign 22.5%.

Autonomous hearings

The group of autonomous communities averages 7.8% of screen share (-0, 1). The regional ranking by screen share is led by TV3 (13.8%), ETB2 (10.4%), TVG (10.2%), Aragón TV (8.4%), Canal Sur (7.2 %), Canal Extremadura TV (6.4%), TPA (6.2%), CMM (5.3%), TV Canarias (5.3%) and Telemadrid (5.2%). The private autonomous communities sign the 0, 4%. La 7 (1.1%) continues as the most viewed network in this group, followed by 8TV (0.8%) and La 8 (0.8%).

Payment themes

The set of themes signs 8.7% of screen share (+0.4). The chain ranking of this group is made up of Movistar Laliga (0.7%), FOX Spain (0.3%), AXN (0.3%), TNT (0.2%), Calle 13 (0.2 %), Comedy Central (0.2%), Canal Hollywood (0.2%), FOX Life (0.2%), National Geographic (0.2%), Nickelodeon (0.2%) and # 0 ( 0.2%). Of all television consumption in the payment modality, 36% correspond to TV’s that broadcast only on Pay TV and the remaining 64% to open channels.

Distribution systems

Television consumption by Distribution Systems has been distributed as follows: – DTT: 73.1% (-0.3).

– IPTV: 15.6% (+0.2).

– Cable: 8.4% (-0.3).

– Digital Satellite: 1.7% (+0.3).

– Others: 1.2% (+0.1).

Most viewed issues

The most watched broadcast in June corresponds to ‘Survivors: Exprés’ (June 4) with 4,115,000 viewers and a 23.5% share in Telecinco.

Ranking broadcasts by programming genres:

– Film: ‘Cine 5 estrellas’ https://www.formulatv.com/ « Hotel Bombay » (Telecinco, June 10): 2,504,000 and 18.5%.

– Series: ‘Loving is forever’ (Antena 3, June 5): 1,441,000 and 11.8%.

– Informational: ‘Antena 3 noticias’ (Antena 3, June 2): 2,963,000 and 21%.

– Cultural: ‘Blood ties’ / Carmen Sevilla (June 1, 17): 1,745,000 and 11.1%.

– Entertainment: ‘Survivors: Express’ (Telecinco, June 4): 4,115,000 and 23.5%.

– Sports: ‘laSexta Noticias: Jugones’ (laSexta, June 16): 1,003,000 and 7.3%.

– Animation: ‘The Simpsons’ (Neox, June 3): 647,000 and 4.6%.