Telcel had to give away a screen by mistake at the close of the Good End

The Good End came to an end last Friday; however, brand errors seem to have been constant until the last moment. One of the final cases was carried out by Telcel.

In recent days, it turned out that a client requested the help of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office to respect a promotion in which, due to an error in communication, the delivery of a free screen was promised when buying a smartphone.

The situation took place in the Telcel Customer Service Center located inside Parque Tezontle, a shopping center located in the city hall Iztapalapa.

In that place there was an announcement in which the message seemed clear: “Your favorite Galaxy gives you this 32-inch smart TV.”

At the bottom of the ad, only the devices participating in the promotion were indicated without talking about validity or conditions.

The lack of these details, led Telcel to be part of a Profeco conciliation, after a client wanted to make the promotion valid and, when paying, they notified him that certain conditions existed, for which he was denied the aforementioned offer.

And the fact is that although the ad indicated that the promotion was valid for certain smartphones, what it did not clarify was that these should be purchased through a rate plan, which would have to last certain months for the delivery of the free screen to become effective.

The affected client assured: “they offered me a kit and when I got to pay they told me there were other conditions, which they did not specify. I called Profeco and finally we achieved what the supplier initially offered ”.

After the intervention of Profeco, the client received the promised screen, so that later the announcement in the Telcel distribution center was modified specifying the conditions.

This is one of the last cases of errors that turned into complaints in the tenth edition of Buen Fin and, although it is still too early to know the total number of complaints and conciliations registered this year, the preliminary ones speak that the claims and failures in the Prices remain the Achilles heel of this promotional initiative.

Profeco released the first figures related to complaints around the Good End where Walmart was indicated (which should be noted does not participate in the Good End but has its own discount strategy, the Irresistible End), Liverpool and Office Depot, are the companies that report the most complaints from consumers, where the frequent complaint is failure to comply with the advertised promotions.

The representative of Profeco assured that so far Profeco has given 1,400 consultations, agreed to 215 telephone conciliations with 75 complaints still in process and 49,000 inquiries on the Who’s Who in Good End Prices portal.

“The products with the most complaints are screens, clothes, shoes; the providers with the most complaints are: Walmart, with 98; Liverpool, with 29 and Office Depot, with 17; the states where the most complaints have been filed are: Mexico City, with seven; Jalisco, with four and Querétaro, with four ”, highlighted Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, for Milenio.