Telcel and other telephone companies will give away balance during isolation | Instagram

Telephone companies Telcel, Movistar and At & T give away balance to your prepaid customers during isolation preventive due to the crisis and will be valid for at least 15 days.

It was announced that thanks to Federal Institute of Telecommunications In collaboration with the country’s mobile telecommunications concessionaires, they carried out a plan With which help users of the telephones during the contingency due to the covid-19.

It was through a statement that the IFT reported that the companies Movistar, Telcel and AT&T are offering a “emergency plan“for your prepaid customers.

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All those who pay balance through tokens or top-ups will be able to obtain a calls and messages package during quarantine.

Obviously every company will offer different services but they will be completely free so they can be kept in touch in case an emergency arises.

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Tea we list What will be the services of each telephony:


Users will be able to activate the package that they will give from the next April 8, simply by making a call to * 734256, where I know will review the requirements, by confirming that it is a prepaid line and that a refill from any value to 60 days before.

The Movistar company will offer 100 minutes for calls national 150 SMS messages national, access to messages enabled by the Federal Government, unlimited access to the COVID-19MX application, as well as access to content from the Fundación Telefónica Movistar.

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The package they offer Friend with you it will be free and will be valid from April 6 to 30, which includes 100 minutes for calls Y 150 SMS for a period of 15 days and to be able to activate it you only need to send a message with the text “WITH YOUTo 5050.

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Prepaid customers must have at least one refill that has been carried out in the last 90 days and you must register with a call to * 611 or on the AT&T or Unefon site, as applicable, the service includes 100 minutes of calls Y 150 SMS for a term of 14 days.