A juicy record deal of up to $ 10 million after his release from prison, contrasts with threats against the American rapper who evades the charges after a long list of betrayed

May 23, 2020

Known for his eccentric use of clothing, admitted by himself, Daniel Hernández or known as ‘Six-nine’ or Tekashi 69 as he is known in the artistic world, he has happened with several legal matters and a significant sum of controversies around other exponents of the genre, which are already standing up against the New Yorker.

The author of the mixtape ‘Day 69’ has had difficulties in his life due to misconduct, which drove him to stay by jail for involvement in crimes related to drugs and weapons (prior to another investigation for abuse of an infant) and where it was expected that he would be until August 2020.

After the judge in charge of the case reconsidered his stay in prison because of asthma, as a pre-existing condition in the rapper and more exposed to the new virus, He has granted permission to serve the rest of the sentence at home and has even recorded a promotional video in his yard, with prior authorization.

Tekashi 69 in court

At this point, they did not pass in vain the extensive list of accomplices in the alleged gang to which ‘69’ belonged by name ‘Nine Trey ’, What is it known in New York for her violent demeanor and to which the eccentric rapper betrayed, after consulting with his lawyer Lance Lazzaro, who managed to reduce the original sentence of 47 years.

Tekashi was in charge of making transparent all the information that led to the whereabouts of the gang members (Including Cardi B). On the other hand, the rapper signed a millionaire agreement with the label 10KProjects, the artist will be a visible target on the street after finishing his house arrest, for which he says to have 24-hour security.

Tekashi 69 will be paroled

¿Your bodyguard team will suffice? For many it will not be possible because the New York native has made many enemies nearby. Be that as it may, you still subtract a couple of complaints related to accusations of some wounded from a shooting and to a course fraud to the company Fashion Nova.