Tekashi 6ix9ine gives away money in the Dominican Republic because he says that ‘Material does not make him happy’

Tekashi 6ix9ine he has been able to vindicate his life, his career continues to have an impressive success as if he had never been in prison and as if that time his way of ‘creating’ had not stopped. He broke up with his girlfriend recently and that, added to the emptiness that the one who ‘leaves him fame and money’ says, has made him feel very sad at times. This would be the supposed reason for having lost Instagram for several weeks just after having fought ‘in line with Lil durk and Meek Mil, the ex of her friend Nicki Minaj.

So the rapper Tekashi69 he went on a trip to Dominican Republic and from there he let know, in a very honest way, how sad he is with his life and the moment of unhappiness that is happening. “I’m sorry I was away from music. Actually, I’m not happy. Fame and money mean nothing to me because they don’t give me joy… I say all this because when you are chasing your dreams in life remember that God comes first. Never lose sight of that … “, assured the singer.

There in the neighborhood he was seen taking photos with fans and residents of the area, while he gave them $ 100 bills and even played soccer with some. “Grab some money”, you hear him say. The rapper claimed that he wanted to bring joy to his people after such tough months. There is no doubt that freedom is causing Tekashi69 to get involved in work for good causes for others and it is letting it be known.

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