Joel, a 13-year-old teenager who spent almost a month hospitalized at the IMSS Hospital number 20 in Tijuana, was discharged

He Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) discharged the most serious patient from COVID-19 who have attended in Tijuana.

This is Joel, a 13-year-old teenager, in recent months he was in a relative lockdown, limited in coexistence with friends and family.

Lives in Tijuana, with his father and an eight-year-old sister. He is an average high school student and until June 21 at his home the health emergency was not given much importance because of COVID-19.

Three days before, he woke up with discomfort from throat, a slight headache and fever.

At noon the symptoms continued, attributed to a common flu. Two days of injections followed and some oral medications to counteract physical discomfort.

However, on Sunday Joel could not get out of bed.

“He couldn’t speak or move. He just stared at me, ”said his father.

With the help of a neighbor they put him in a car to seek medical help.

They went to several private clinics, where they refused to see him.

“Only in a hospital would I receive it if I paid a little more than 50 thousand pesos in advance. I didn’t have that money. I spoke with the family doctor and he told me to take him to the IMSS Hospital number 20, specialized in coronavirus, “he added.

At night he arrived at the General Regional Hospital No. 20 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Tijuana, where he was immediately received, diagnosed and hospitalized. Joel was in very serious condition.

He was attended by internists, pulmonologists, pediatricians and the area’s nursing team COVID-19 of the Hospital, with a reserved forecast.

In the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) required to be intubated immediately, their oxygenation levels they were very low and their lungs they were completely congested. At that time and for two weeks he was listed as the most serious patient in the area.

“I knew my son was in danger of death, I was desperate, but we did not lose hope. The care he had from the doctors and nurses was excellent. They kept me informed all the time, ”he said.

The young man was 17 days intubated, fell into a coma and required several modifications in his treatment until he began to recover. The effort of medical staff was giving results.

“He was a patient with a very complicated scenario, which required additional specialized attention to remove him from his severity. As with every patient, everything medically possible was done. In the case of JoelFortunately, his body and youth finally responded positively, ”explained Dr. César Figueroa, director of HGR No. 20.

TO two days after one month of your incomeJoel was given high.

He does not remember any detail of its severity, only he woke up in his hospital bed with an oxygen mask, serum on his arm and with practically no discomfort. He was five more days under observation and returned home.

Joel’s father delivered a written letter From his fist and letter, in which he thanks the work of doctors, nurses, stretcher bearers, mayors and all those involved in caring for his son. With this she revealed the professional and human capacity of all the staff of the IMSS Regional General Hospital No. 20 in Tijuana.

With information from López-Dóriga Digital