The adolescent’s father decided to give away all the furniture in the child’s room as a punishment and so that he would learn his lesson

| 08/12/2020 | ionicons-v5-c17: 15 | Patricia Hernández Agüero |

United States.- A 14-year-old teenager took the family car without permission to go to a party, in return he received a life lesson that he will not forget.

The parents were traveling in Las Vegas when they received a call from the police telling them that their son, Angel Martinez, was arrested for speeding.

Immediately, the minor’s parents took a flight back to the city of Phoenix where they originate from.

Upon arriving and meeting his son, he told them that he only wanted to take a walk after he had washed him, however, Ángel was detained more than 10 kilometers away from his home.

After listening to the adolescent’s arguments and considering that it was not the first time that Ángel had behavioral problems, his father decided to « throw him out on the street and give away all the furniture in his room in the form of a punishment.

Seeing his room empty of furniture, Angel sat outside the house with a sign that read:

« Excuse me, I stole my parents’ car and at least for a while I’ll have to sleep on the floor or on a couch. It’s weird, but I think it’s a punishment fair ».

The story of Ángel has generated mixed reactions among Internet users since while some applaud the actions of the parents with the minor, others criticized as exaggerated the punishment.

What do you think, was the punishment?