A teenager who participated in a fight between two rival gangs in a popular Paris suburb in June was jailed, accused of cutting another young man’s hand with a butcher knife.

The quarrel that erupted as a result of the theft of a motorcycle took place last month and involved 50 young people from the suburbs of Sartrouville and Houilles, northwest of Paris, police sources told ..

The two rival groups clashed with iron bars, baseball bats and crutches, among other elements.

In the fight, the accused – who could be identified thanks to surveillance cameras and the testimonies of neighbors – would have cut off the hand of an 18-year-old man with a butcher knife. His DNA was also found on the knife.

The young man, a minor, admitted that he participated in the fight but denies having cut off the other young man’s hand.

He was charged with « attempted murder and violence in a meeting with a weapon, » the police said.

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