‘Ted Lasso’: Jason Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt and Sarah Niles present the big key to season 2: the team psychologist

It is likely that Jason Sudeikis’ head would never have passed the possibility that this character he created for some television promos in the United States would end up starring in a series nominated for twenty Emmy Awards. ‘Ted Lasso’ came when the world most needed a shot of optimism, and if there is something left over for this American football coach turned coach of the “beautiful game”, it is optimism. With the series already consolidated, and with Ted as one of the most beloved characters on television, it is time to present him with a new challenge: to sit him on the couch.

The second season of the Apple TV + series introduces a key character for Ted and the entire soccer team. Her name is Sharon, she’s played by Sarah Niles and she’s the team’s psychologist. “She is one of the best parts of the season“Sudeikis assures in the interview we had with him and with Brendan Hunt, who is also returning as Coach Beard and as one of the writers of the comedy.

Hunt explains why they decided to include this character in the sitcom: “Mental health is a problem all over the world, but in football it is something that is not usually talked about. Even the Prince of England is trying to change that in football. English. They are trying to bring up the subject little by little and encouraging men not to be so afraid of it. ” Sarah Niles, with whom we also had the opportunity to speak, also considers it very important that mental health is discussed in a series like ‘Ted Lasso’: “I think it’s vital and wonderful that a fun series like this brings up this theme“.

The anti-Ted?

Sharon is going to be a particularly significant obstacle for Ted because unlike everyone else around him she seems immune to his overflowing optimism. “She is not against optimism, I think she likes him, but she wants to get to know you a little more“assures Niles of his character, who believes that the challenge of understanding is going to be in both directions.” Probably not the type of woman he usually deals with. He always has a way of cajoling them. His charm usually wins, and optimism. She thinks she can see beyond “says the actress. Jason Sudeikis, for his part, thinks it’s something Ted has to go through to be a better coach:” Sometimes the best way to help others is to help yourself. Himself. “But Sharon mainly comes to treat the Richmond players, and Sarah Niles’ wish list was two specific characters:” The one I most wanted to sit down was Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein). Jamie Tart (Phil Dunster) is another. There are many. Higgins (Jeremy Swift) is an interesting character! “

‘Ted Lasso’ returns to Apple TV + with its second season on July 23. Don’t miss the rest of the interviews in which we asked Sudeikis about the diversity at Richmond FC and Sarah Niles about her experience as a viewer of the first season.

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