In yesterday’s session, many stocks with high returns and a large volume stood out, especially in the tourism sector, among which we must highlight NH Hoteles, Meliá and Edreams.

In the first case, we saw how the value faced its long-term average and, unable to exceed it, turned and began collecting benefits that left him with a revaluation of 27.04% and a volume 10 times higher than usual.

In the second case, the volume was also very high (multiplied by almost 8 times) and the closing price was very close to resistance which, if overcome in today’s session, will allow you to continue with the climbs.

And in the third case, we also had a lot of volume (x5) but the value could not get close to its immediate resistances.

However, there are more values ​​that did very well in yesterday’s session but were overshadowed by these three actions. In fact, if you are looking for investment opportunities to go public today and feel altitude sick or think you have been late to the party in these values, take a look at the following that I propose:

1) Reunited Techniques: With a very important volume and a rise of 11.51 percent, it still has a lot to say if it can really break its resistance today at 14.24 euros. Yesterday he tried but could not close above them which is the only thing it takes to see his continuity in the price recovery and with the permission of the next resistance of 15 euros go to test the important bearish gap that was left around at 18 euros.

2) Fluidra: Another value that very soon is going to face the important resistance zone between 10.70 and 10.90 euros, which in the event of a break will generate another very good trading opportunity for investors.

3) Elecnor: with a brutal volume yesterday it failed before its resistance in the 8.70 euro zone, but seeing closings above that level and again with volume is an opportunity that we should not miss.

4) Urbas: pea for the most daring that yesterday could not with its moving average but that today should try again and exceed yesterday’s highs and close above also presents a very good trading opportunity for the short term.

Trading opportunities for today’s session
                    Eduardo Bolinches