Updated on 07/29/2020 at 03:26

Would you try it Lost your mobile device months ago and want to try it? Do you know where it is? Have you looked everywhere, even asked your friend to check if she has it in her house? Well, this trick Google Maps It will help you find it quickly even though you have silenced it.

It is a tool used many times when someone steals our terminal. If you want to know where it is, then you must do this tutorial that we will teach you next.

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You should only access the page of Google Maps to know it. It is not necessary to download alternative programs that can promise you many things, but in the long term they could harm your tablet, computer, PC, etc.

How is it done? Here we teach you this sensational trick for you to do at home or anywhere in the world.


In order to do this sensational trick, the first thing you should do is enter this link After you have done so, select the mobile you want to find Once selected, Google will tell you if you want to find your device. To do this, it will take you to a Google Maps map so that you can locate it quickly.In this way you can choose to recover your device through a location on Google Maps or make it ring. (Photo: Google) If it is in your house but you have not found it, use the option called “Make it ring” With it you will make your terminal ring even if it is muted, even off.

It is undoubtedly a trick that can help many people know where their mobile device is located. It also works in case your cell phone has been stolen and you want to know the last point where it was located.

In the event that your cell phone has been taken from you, a “friend of others” has the option to completely format your phone, so that it does not access your data, much less your photos, passwords, applications, etc.

For this there is the option to « Lock your device ». If you press it, your phone will be reset promptly and will prevent anyone, who does not have your password, from accessing your data.

In case you have activated a backup of your phone, you can automatically download it to your next device just by entering your Gmail account.

If you press the « Protect device » option, everything on your phone will be formatted. (Photo: Google Maps)


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