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It was a matter of time for digital platforms to be in the sights of the institutions in charge of fiscal affairs in Mexico and this year the regulations that made the payment of VAT on products and services offered by technology companies whose businesses take place inevitable. in the digital environment. The adaptation of the legal framework was only the beginning of a new inspection strategy and the next step is the registration of companies with the SAT.

According to a report by Xataka, the Ministry of Finance and the Tax Administration Service (SAT), through the Official Gazette of the Federation, revealed the list of Digital Service Providers Registered in the Federal Taxpayer Registry, which As of this year, they are already registered with the competent authorities and whose operations are regulated by the Mexican legal framework in tax matters.

As you know, in theory the products and services offered by these and other companies should include VAT in their payment schemes, but this was not done until June 1 of this year, when changes in the laws forced to report the 16% VAT for each operation. This caused some services to increase their cost in our country, such as Netflix, and in the case of video games we received the impact on the digital platforms of PlayStation and Nintendo. Likewise, it was possible to know which companies already included the tax in the final cost of a product or service.

With the publication of this list, it is expected that more and more companies that use digital platforms register with the SAT so that they begin to pay the corresponding taxesa, although it is known and seen that in many cases, the cost ends up covered by the user.

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