Technics: Your First Dual Hybrid Noise Canceling Headphones

They offer an autonomy of up to 18 hours and present a noise cancellation system that combines the best of the latest research of the firm.

The new Technics headphones feature the large-diameter 10mm dynamic driver constructed with the graphene-coated PEEK material composite diaphragm offering wide-range, bass-rich and transparent sound.

The acoustic control chamber is precisely designed to control airflow and optimizes the balance of each frequency by increasing the sound pressure characteristics, resulting in an energetic sound.

Dual Hybrid Noice Canceling

The AZ70Ws incorporate Dual Hybrid Noise Canceling technology made up of a couple of combinations: Feedforward Noise Canceling (FF-NC) and Feedback Noise Canceling (FB-NC), as well as a combination of analog and digital processing.

This new Dual Hybrid technology brings an industry leading noise cancellation effect in the True Wireless category. The FF-NC cancels noise captured outside the headphones, higher-order active noise filters adapt and reproduce signals opposed to various noise patterns to effectively cancel noise, isolating outside noises and preventing interference with your playing tracks.

The FB-NC cancels the noise captured inside the earphone of the headphones, adapting the noise filters controlled by the analog processing. Since the analog control has a low latency processing speed, noise trapped within the earphone can be accurately canceled with less residual noise.

Without interruptions

True Wireless headphones often cause brief interruptions to the bluetooth connection when used in a crowded place. The new models offer very reliable bluetooth connectivity that guarantees uninterrupted listening.

The key is the integration of an ultra-compact bluetooth antenna and a touch sensor within the control section, which achieve improved connection stability by maximum use of antenna parts with proprietary structure design that maximizes performance.

In addition, it is compatible with Siri and Assistant voice assistants, in addition to being able to use Alexa it can also be activated for users with the Alexa mobile application. Next spring, Amazon Alexa will also be able to be activated through the same touch sensor.

You can find all the information on the official Technics website.