Filtered in its entirety and subsequently confirmed by Microsoft, the Xbox Series S is the most attractively priced console of the new generation. And although we are waiting to know the prices of the Xbox Series X and the PS5, everything seems to indicate that the Microsoft model will be the perfect gateway to play the titles of the new generation of consoles, although with some buts .

And it is that although the rumors pointed out that the Xbox Series S would be the digital version of the X, the truth is that it is a totally new console, within Microsoft’s new generation Series range and that, on paper, will offer the same compatibility and experience options of use of the X, but intended for those users who do not want the latest of the latest.

Xbox Series S: Technical Specifications

In this sense, the Xbox Series S is totally digital, no physical disk, although it will run all Xbox Series X games with the only limitations imposed by its technical specifications. For the player, everything seems to indicate that there will be no difference when playing from one console to another except for two fundamental issues: Series S games would be Focused at 1440 at 120 fps resolution with limited support for Ray Tracing while the X would offer 4K at high frames and support for full Ray Tracing. Of course, it would offer 4K for videos and upscale for games.

The leaked Xbox Series S specs hint at what it would include a 3 Ghz 8-core processor based on the AMD Zen 2 architecture with an RDNA2 GPU, offering 4.2 Teraflops with 20 CU (compared to 12 TFLOPS with 36 CU of the X) and 7.5 GB GDDR6 RAM.

Like the all digital PS5, the Xbox Series S would not include an optical disc reader but would offer an NVMe SSD hard drive that, along with system changes and custom hardware from Microsoft, would allow it to offer all the options available in the X, as an instant game, in addition to being backward compatible with the same options as its older sister, focused on a more demanding audience looking for the latest in video games, but whose basic experience it seems that will not dictate much.

The Xbox Series S arrives on November 10 for a price of 299 euros / dollars.