Next, we give answers to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Colonial, Aena, Santander, Alibaba, CaixaBank, EURO STOXX Banks, CAF and Inditex.

Technical analysis


Good Morning. I would like to know the target price of Aena and Inmobiliaria Colonial shares, and the evolution and resistance of both shares. Thanks in advance. A.GG.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Colonial Real Estate At the moment it is not a value that catches my attention, because the increases this Monday do not mean anything. Or at least not to the extent that we continue to have decreasing highs and lows in the short term. Now, it must be recognized that the rebound to 50% of adjustment / fallback of all the previous fall has been manual. From book. Let’s say that to start being optimistic in the title we need it to break the succession of decreasing highs of recent times, or what is the same as jumping over the resistance of nine euros. Meanwhile, rebounds apart, everything continues to bounce within a corrective movement of a greater degree. The most important resistance is in the highs of the last rebound, the April highs at 9.85 euros.

Daily chart of Colonial Real Estate

As to Aena, a title that has been halted in March at 61.8-66% (expansions aside) from 61.8% since its IPO, seems to be heading for the resistance zone that it presents at 128.1 euros (May highs ). And above normal, most likely, it is heading to the weekly bearish gap of 135.90 euros. This bearish gap is held by 99% of the titles in our market and very few have closed it, or what is the same canceled. It can be said that this is the most important resistance zone since the last great fall began. Thank you very much, greetings.

Aena weekly chart

Good morning, Mr. Rodríguez, my query is about Inditex, it seems that this value is weak in the short term. I have them for 25 euros and I don’t know whether to put up with them or sell and buy them at a better price. The Ibex 35 seems to be going up, but Inditex is stagnant. What can we expect from the value? Thank you very much and best regards. D.B.

Dear reader, good afternoon. The titles do not always rise or fall to the rhythm of the Ibex. In general, for most of them, this is usually the case. But it’s not always like this. In fact, Inditex It began to bounce before the others after the February and March debacle. And then it has stopped, it’s true. And now the market rises, supported by banks and other securities. Let’s say that in many cases they take turns, there is sectoral rotation. That said, I don’t dislike the Inditex chart at all, or at least not to the extent that respect the support presented in the lows of this month. As long as it doesn’t drill, and it doesn’t look like it will, I think it will end up restructuring again to the upside. Let’s see if he dares with the resistance of 24.46 euros (last decreasing maximum) and, above all, of the April highs at 26.71 euros.

Inditex daily chart

Good morning, José María. First of all, thank you for lending your opinion on the current situation of different securities. For starters, I wanted to ask you about Alibaba Group. I would like to know the trend for these next days as well as supports, resistances and possible starting price that you advise me. I entered with this value at a price of 198.45 euros last April 13 and secondly I would like to know the appearance of Banco Santander. I have 6,180 titles at 2.0747 euros and I have doubts about where to place the loss stop loss ’and an appropriate sale price. Thank you. IM T.

Dear investor, good afternoon. The last weekly candle of Alibaba, with a clear increase in volume, suggests that curves are coming in the very short term, as it is a clear weekly round-trip sail. But despite this the bottom (or primary) uptrend is still bullish, which is really important. This means that it cannot be ruled out that in the short term the price may search for the support area it presents at the base of the bullish channel through which the price has been moving since the beginning of 2019, now at approximately 175-180 Dollars. In theory, that’s where the buy signal would come back.

Alibaba weekly chart

As to Santander, a title that we have analyzed first thing this morning, it seems that if there is a moment to jump into the pool it may be now, just after last week the price touched the last big bullish movement: the 2009 lows at 1.77 euros. Below the next support we have it at 1.50 euros. But it is true that we are at long-term support levels. Read here the analysis of this morning on the titles of the Cantabrian entity. Thank you very much, greetings.

Santander long-term monthly chart

Bearish wedge potential of bullish implications

Good morning, José María, could you analyze the actions of Caixabank? Can we say that the EURO STOXX BANKS is no longer in absolute free fall? Thank you. A greeting. J.SR.

Dear investor, good afternoon. With CaixaBank we have three quarters of the same. That is, if you have to jump into the pool it is now, with a ‘stop loss’ in closing prices below 1.50 euros. Who knows, but it seems that the Ibex seems determined to attack the resistance of 7,000 points just when Caixabank and Santander have touched very important supports. It is still too early to launch the bells on the fly, but something seems to want to start changing. In any case, the supports on the two benches seem very clear.

CaixaBank weekly chart

Regarding the EURO STOXX Banks, or what is the same the European banking index, this continues in free fall despite the rebound in recent days. This does not mean that it cannot bounce hard (reaction phase). What we have in front is a triple support (not triple bottom) in the support area of ​​47-48 points: the historical lows of the last months. Or in other words, any possible sustained recovery / rebound in prices happens because the historical lows are respected at all times. Thank you very much, greetings.

EURO STOXX Banks daily chart

Good Morning. I would like to know your opinion about CAF (Auxiliary Construction of Railways). Could it be entered now or is it something crazy? Thanks and kind regards. I.C.

CAF It seems determined to attack the important resistance zone that, apart from specific expansions, it presents in the area of ​​31-31.50 euros, previously support. Said control zone has functioned as a support and resistance hinge on numerous occasions and if it were able to confirm over the top and in weekly candles we will have a first sign of strength that we cannot ignore. At least, the fact that the latest drop has slowed above the March lows is a first sign of strength to watch out for. The 31-31.50 euros have acted as resistance, before support (pull back) and therefore above we will begin to look at the title with different eyes. Thanks to you, greetings.

CAF weekly chart

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