Technical analysis of the Ibex 35 and of all the securities that compose it

“IBEX 35 short-term stagnation is delayed in time, a movement that allows the normalization of accumulated overbought readings in oscillators and that, for the moment, does not even put in check the area of ​​last short-term rising lows that we project from of the area comprised around 8,977 / 8,804 points. In this way, the consolidation process in time continues with a reduction in the contracting activity that reinforces this scenario, allowing a constructive attitude to be maintained as long as the aforementioned supports do not yield ” , explains the Investment Strategies analyst, José Antonio González.

Ibex 35 on daily chart with average amplitude range in percentage, stochastic oscillator and trading volume

You can consult the technical analysis of all the stocks that make up the Ibex 35 in this magazine.

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