Technical analysis of the Ibex 35 and all the securities that compose it

“Ibex 35 consolidates the strictest short-term around the resistance area of ​​annual highs, identified around 8,740 / 8,691 points, and its 40-period simple moving average or medium-term that works as dynamic support. Lack of movement. backed by a reduction in contracting activity, and which will not begin to question the recovery movement in the medium term as long as it does not violate the projected support from 8,274 points “, explains the Investment Strategies analyst, José Antonio González.

Ibex 35 on daily chart with Average amplitude range in percentage, Stochastic oscillator and trading volume

Shares with the most potential according to the market consensus

Ibex 35 shares with more potential according to the market consensus. 5 of them with more than 20% potential.

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