The multinational Techint ratified this afternoon the dismissal of 1,450 construction employees, after committing to pay “a labor cessation or compensation fund, wages pending to date and an additional bonus of 33 thousand pesos for each worker”, as confirmed by company sources.

The Construction Workers Union (Uocra) and the company approved this afternoon the agreement in the Ministry of Labor, after Techint appealed to a clause of the activity law 22,250 referring to “reasons of force majeure due to work stoppage”.

The agreement finally approved also included before Labor “a word agreement” between the parties, which the company promised to fulfill, according to which in a month and a half it will reinstate all the operators.

That “word or gentlemen” clause would imply that after the health crisis was overcome -approximately in that period- and in the event that the works return to their usual rhythm, Techint reinstates all the workers.

The “force majeure” clause included in the rule, to which the company appealed, was the only possibility to set aside Law 14,786 of compulsory conciliation ordered the previous week by the labor portfolio.

The agreement between the union and Techint Compañía Técnica Internacional Sacei was approved by the Secretary of Labor Marcelo Bellotti, after the multinational formulated a proposal for “economic reinforcement” for workers in the face of “the complex situation the country is going through,” he said.

In this context, Techint argued that “Attending to the complex situation that is going through”, he made a proposal for economic reinforcement for the workers. “The union agreed with this proposal, which was approved by the Ministry of Labor”, the company noted.

It should be remembered that a week ago, as soon as the company’s decision to fire 1,450 workers was known, the president Alberto Fernández He reacted first, noting that in the face of this crisis, “nobody saves himself” and then dictating a Decree of Necessity and Urgency in which for a period of 60 days, “dismissals without just cause and for reasons of lack or reduction of work and force majeure ”, as well as“ suspensions for reasons of force majeure or lack or reduction of work ”.

The company had argued that a couple of articles in the union’s collective bargaining agreement endorsed the layoffs. And that they would go back to hiring the workers once the crisis unleashed by the paralysis in the economy passed, as a result of the local and global crisis due to the phenomenal advance of the coronavirus.