Tebas uses Simeone to ‘hit’ Zidane

Javier Tebas, President of The league, is almost always in the middle of dialectical polemics on account of the position he occupies and the interests he has to defend, those of the competition. In this sense, it is not a few times that he or his own League they have been in the spotlight for many issues.

Among the latest criticisms that came from the Real
Madrid and their environment, by the fact of playing the game of Pamplona, in full storm, on account of the problems that the white team had to reach Navarre and the state in which the field was. Of course, that the white team did not go beyond the tie had to do with it.

In this context, days later they asked Simeone, coach of
Atlético de Madrid
, for the matter and although he did not want to enter directly, he did leave a couple of reflections that have now been used by Thebes to launch a little recitation to the French.

At that time, the Cholo He pointed out that “with everything that is happening in the world, whatever happens in football does not matter”, noting that the complaints about the discomfort suffered by the white club were unjustified. Another reflection, that teams have to be prepared for everything, that “when the ball rolls, the cold, the sun, the rain or the snow” do not matter. And he said it after beating the Seville, a match that finished at -7º.

Tebas, president of LaLiga.Tebas, president of LaLiga.

Now the president of The league, hid behind these interpretations to counterattack the Real
Madrid. “It has been a difficult weekend, but I have to thank all those who have collaborated to fulfill the commitment of The league: from field workers, managers, players … everyone ”; he began by saying, in an interview for ‘RTVE‘.


“What had to be accomplished in a soccer league has been accomplished: making the maximum effort so that the matches can be played. And now, when the time comes, the referee is the authority that decides if it has to be suspended, or not. Postponement of the match has to be the last resort that occurs before starting the match. You have the Wanda, the field in Valladolid, in Huesca, in Pamplona … an extraordinary effort was made. It’s the commitment The league it is a commitment: you have to play 380 games on certain dates that we establish ”, he also pointed out.

All of this, before putting Simeone as an example: “Postponement is what is requested before and suspend is what the referee says at the time. Postponement is what Granada did, which requested it when they went to San Sebastián, the RFEF Competition Committee, give us opinion and look. If they had asked us for an opinion on Friday we would have said no, that it was not to be postponed. You had to try to get there and it would be the referee who would decide, with the conditions of the moment, whether to play or not. Simeone He said it very well: cold, wind, storm … if the ball starts to roll, the game is played ”,