Tebas and Roures wanted the last day of the League on Sunday because they were afraid… of Eurovision !!!

The League He came to his senses and finally the last day of the championship will be played on Saturday May 22 and not on Sunday 23, as was originally planned. Three schedule modifications required the body chaired by Javier Tebas to end up betting on logic and justice with the Villarreal, who was very angry after seeing how he was going to have to play with him Real Madrid three days before the final of the Europa League against him Manchester United.

The yellows have been asking the League to play matchday 38 on Saturday for several weeks. Before the penultimate celebration, Emery himself publicly complained at a press conference. “Being a final, a solution should be found and the games in which Madrid and we are involved should be changed to Saturday, which can be five or six at most”, the yellow coach explained in the previous one against Sevilla. But when the 10 matches of matchday 37 ended, the League published a modification in which the matches with nothing at stake were transferred to Friday and Saturday, while the rest, including Villarreal, would be played on Sunday. The reason? Eurovision.

Fernando Roig Negueroles, CEO of Villarreal, showed his indignation in ‘Time of Game’ on the Cope chain: «We know that it is complex to set the schedules, but we do not understand that due to a lot of Eurovision the audiences are reduced so much. We have a lot of respect for the Spanish competition, we play against a team that is playing for the title, we have our interests and we want to go compete ».

«The explanation is that it coincides with Eurovision. There is little respect for Villarreal and what Villarreal is playing for. It is a Spanish team that represents the League in Europe ”, he added. «I hope there is going back. The schedules are marked and the answer has been ‘no’. Hopefully common sense will end up imposing. We have adapted to playing late, with European competitions and we assume the little rest as something normal. Playing a final not to advance it to Saturday … the rivals do not care “, ended a Roig who has finally seen his wish come true.

After a previous modification, in which, in an incomprehensible way, Eibar – Barcelona was sent to Sunday, a duel with nothing at stake, on Monday morning it has been rectified again and all the games with something at stake They will be played on Saturday 6:00 p.m., while on Sunday Granada – Getafe and Sevilla – Alavés will be played. Levante – Cádiz remains on Friday.

On the other hand, Manchester United, Villarreal’s rival in the Europa League final, plays the last day of the Premier on Sunday 23 May against Wolverhampton. However, they do not play anything, since they have the second position assured, so they will be able to get a completely renewed eleven. Villarreal against Real Madrid seeks to qualify for the Europa League.

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