Teamwork: Five Strategies for Success

Working as a team has great benefits, in a company it is essential to have greater productivity and this has a high performance through the activities of the group. Some people are not willing or do not know how to participate within the organization of a group, which is why there are often disagreements or not reaching the proposed objectives.

Teamwork is configured from two people, the objective is that they distribute the tasks oriented to the same goal, in addition to exposing and discussing the most optimal decisions for the project. However, if there is a poor organization it is likely that the results will not reach the established purposes.

Good communication is essential. Photo: Pixabay

In this sense, it is better to review what strategies are convenient to use so that your productivity increases in teamwork, for this reason here we take the opportunity to provide five that can be very useful.

1. Boost and reinforce communication

The basis of all types of relationship in communication and in a work team is vital, this is how bonds are created with colleagues. The information is elementary and all members must have access to it, otherwise they may not feel part of the group.

It is important to have established communication guidelines, in this way each one will feel more integrated into the team and above all there will be greater fluency in the activities they must carry out.

2. Build a sense of belonging

From the communication, the following is that the members share the same objectives of the company, it is essential that significant links are generated between the employer and the workers.

It is better to build a culture in the company that focuses on fraternity among the staff, knowing about each of the members can improve the relationship and have better fluidity in the team.

Some of the things that companies can do to create a sense of belonging in workers are to remember each one’s birthdays, even add a cake that day, hold recreational events on special dates such as posadas, these details have a positive result in the employees.

3. Define the necessary tools to carry out the activities

To optimize teamwork there are a variety of tools, for example Google Drive, Dropbox, Hootsuite, Asana, BaseCamp or OpenPojet, etc. It is important that you analyze the function of each one and compare them with the tasks of the team to manage the most convenient ones.

A key element is to request the opinion of the workers, because ultimately they are the ones who know what they need to carry out the assigned tasks. Remember that the tools should be to improve productivity and optimize the collective time.

4. Assign commissions and maintain trust

Having trust in each of your co-workers is substantial, it is advisable to organize and delegate functions to each one according to their abilities as well as abilities. In this way the sense of belonging reinforces and above all productivity will multiply.

5. Praise each of the results

Remember that even if you have the necessary experience, everyone is prone to making a mistake, this is very frequent and you do not have to look for guilty, quite the contrary. It must be taken as an apprenticeship.

Each of the achievements obtained by the team must also be highlighted, the effort they make must be valued and motivated to continue carrying out their work.

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