Teachers install 3-day sit-in in front of the National Palace


Teachers and normalistas from different regions of the Mexican Republic arrived during the early hours of this Wednesday at the plate of the capital’s zócalo to mount a sit-in for three days in front of the National Palace.

The main demands are a wage increase, better working conditions and basification.

The normalistas ask that for their return the internship, which is very important and essential, is not omitted.

“The needs that we present is that the boarding school is essential for rural normal schools, we will not allow us to be reinstated with the opening of the normal school without the boarding school, the other request for the government is to issue the call for 2021-2022 begin to see the steps of the reopening that is not only out of good will, but rather that it is seen in the facts, “said normalistas from Hidalgo.

Rural teachers and normalistas demand security after the threats that some have suffered in different states of the country, not only psychological but also physical and that, so far, they say there is no protection.

In the Plaza de la Constitución they began to install tents and tents where they will keep their camp for 3 days until the authorities of the federal government can receive them, in case there is no favorable solution to their demands, they will carry out other actions.

The quadrant where the teachers ‘and normalistas’ sit-in was set up was closed to the circulation of vehicles by the Mexico City traffic police in order to guarantee their safety.

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