Teacher receives a Nissan NP300 to continue teaching amid the pandemic

As a result of the global health contingency caused by COVID-19, many people have had to adapt their activities, carrying them out in a new reality where digital predominates.

However, there are still gaps for families to have the necessary resources so that their sons and daughters can continue to receive distance education. Such is the case of the students of Nallely Esparza Flores, a teacher from the municipality of Calvillo, Aguascalientes. She travels in her truck, house to house with her students, to continue with the children’s education, following the necessary protocols and security measures.

Engineer Armando Ávila, Vice President of Manufacturing for Nissan Mexicana stated: “When we learned about the incredible work of this teacher, we got together to find out how we could contribute to this noble work. We decided to support you in your project, and what better way to do it, than by giving Nallely a Nissan NP300 pickup, which has all the brand’s DNA and is a symbol of quality, work and effort. In addition, we went further, this NP300 was specially adapted for her, since we turned the box into a mobile classroom ”.

In this regard, the teacher Nallely said: “I am very grateful to Nissan Mexicana, I did not expect this surprise from Nissan and even less that this NP300 was a mobile classroom. My students will no longer have to take classes in full sunlight. It took me around four hours to go through all the houses giving follow-up and support to my students; I never imagined this initiative by Nissan. Now my ride times will undoubtedly be shorter, safer and more comfortable with NP300.

This donation from Nissan and ANDANAC (National Association of NISSAN Automobile Dealers) is very meaningful and helpful to me. The idea was born because not all my students have internet and communication with them was complicated. For this reason, I decided to go personally, house to house, to give them classes in the back of my old truck equipped with a table and chairs. ”

Nissan is backed by Certified Converters that maintain the product’s factory warranty through continuous adherence to quality and safety standards.

The Nissan NP300 unit was adapted to a mobile classroom with the placement of a dry box with side curtain, rear door, retractable stairs for easy access, electrical connections, table and folding benches for more space, located acrylic on a work table to avoid contagion and maintain a healthy distance due to COVID, furniture to place objects inside the conversion and translucent awning for natural lighting inside the adaptation.

Engineer Joan Busquets, vice president in transition of Manufacturing for Nissan Mexicana, stated: “We are very excited to make this delivery, it will be very useful so that Nallely can continue teaching its students safely and comfortably. People like her make a difference in our society and they deserve the best. We want to thank ANDANAC and Carlos Escoto, director of its Foundation, who joined us with the donation of equipment and teaching materials, so that both Nallely and his students can continue with their educational activities. “