After the new distance education system, a teacher started this collection campaign so that students do not miss out on receiving their classes

| 08/12/2020 | ionicons-v5-c22: 40 | Magdely Salazar |

Peru.- After announcing the new measures for returning to school during the pandemic, a teacher in Peru took a great initiative to support the students of low resources.

And it is because the classes were now held remotely through online platforms, many students They have been affected since not everyone has a digital means of communication to continue their education.

It was thus that the teacher Lino Rojas, was given the task of starting a campaign which seeks to collect televisions that people no longer occupy and take them to vulnerable communities to make them available to both children and young people.

The teacher has a history supporting the Chachapoyas community, so he has in mind to follow his objective and now complement it with the initiative ‘I learn at home’ so that the pupils do not lose a school year due to the pandemic.