Teach everything! Mia Khalifa opens her robe in front of the camera

Teach everything!  Mia Khalifa opens her robe in front of the camera (Instagram)

Teach everything! Mia Khalifa opens her robe in front of the camera | Instagram

Mia khalifa He surprised his followers again on Instagram through his stories, where he appears fully showing everything he was wearing under his pink robe.

The ex actress of films for adults Mia Khalifa decided to delight the pupils of her fans but in a fleeting way, this because she did it through her stories from her official account of Instagram Since these after they are published they are automatically deleted once 24 hours have passed since they were published, although they can also be deleted manually when the user who shared them decides.

Surely you already know that for months the model decided to make certain physical changes through training, her figure today is quite slim and her muscles are much more marked, obviously she lost a little weight but managed to tone her body.

Considering this, the new content that she has been sharing for months is even more impressive than before, this because even though she is the same woman, her body looks a little different.

In every opportunity Mia Khalifa takes advantage of it to show off every part of her body, this time she did it while opening a pink robe, which coincidentally reached mid-thighs.


The daring actress appears showing her toned body while opening her robe, although perhaps it could be interpreted that she was natural, the truth is that Mia Khalifa was wearing what appears to be a swimsuit, this is the same color as the robe that is wearing a shade pretty pastel pink.

Mia Khalifa is wearing a strapless top that does not completely cover her huge charms These stand out in the upper half, in the lower part she wears a somewhat tiny piece but that looks perfect on her figure.

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In the post that is a Photography with a video edition where “Try on” is written at the top right as an animation, the translation is “trying on” like measuring clothes.

The beautiful model and businesswoman is in a room that refers to the description she has in the edition of her photo, this because next to Mia Khalifa we found a long gray armchair that in a publication of thirteen hours ago she shared in her official Instagram account.

In the aforementioned armchair we find several garments that have possibly been being measured or are about to be measured, on the floor on the lower left side you can see a pair of tennis shoes, surely all the garments were sent as a gift by a company to later give them some promotion on Instagram as is customary today.

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Among the celebrities we found doing this is the British model Demi Rose who continually promotes the Prettylittlethings brand, as well as the Russian model Anastasia Kvikto who promotes FashionNova, so it would not be a surprise if Mia Khalifa becomes the ambassador of some clothing brand.

Another possibility that we find in the image is that she was simply preparing the wardrobe that she would use for an upcoming photoshoot for her OnlyFans, a page on which she has apparently been quite active for a few months.

The place where Mia Khalifa is located looks quite deserted from what can be seen in the background of the image, we find some mountains belonging to a desert climate, where we have seen her take some photographs apparently.