Taylor Swift is the artist who generated the most money in the US during 2020 – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Intrelíneas

Taylor Swift was the artist who made the most money in the United States during 2020, according to the metrics of Billboard magazine, which put the latest Grammy winner for the best album of the year ahead of Post Malone, Céline Dion, The Eagles and Billie Eilish.

The pandemic has caused concerts to account for only 20 percent of the earnings of the 40 artists who made the most money during 2020, when in other years they represented 75 percent.

In total, the group of musicians generated 387 million dollars, well below the 969 million that they took in 2019.

Billboard, which has produced the best-selling album and song charts in the United States since 1956, has combined revenue from streaming, physical sales, concert box office and royalty royalties on its list.

Taylor Swift, with 23.8 million dollars, prevailed in the first position thanks to its strong presence on streaming platforms, where it generated 10.6 million dollars and the physical sales of the two albums that it released last year, “Folklore ”And“ Evermore, ”which totaled 10 million. Virtually no artist currently enjoys that level of physical sales.

In addition, the artist took in $ 3.2 million in copyright income, while sales from live performances did not move from zero.

Post Malone was in second position with 23.2 million, although distributed in a very different way compared to Swift: While in streaming it exceeded 8 million, it barely earned 712 thousand dollars from the sale of discs in physical format.

Most of its income derived from the tour that it was able to do in the first months of the year and that increased its accounts with 12.4 million, plus another two derivatives of copyright.

The concerts were also fundamental for Céline Dion, which was located in the third position with 17.5 million, of which 17 correspond to the twenty concerts she gave before the coronavirus canceled the live shows. His tour remains the highest grossing of 2020.

Something similar happened with The Eagles, in fourth position with 16.3 million, of which 11 correspond to ticket sales.

Meanwhile, Billie Eilish owes its fifth place, with 14.7 million, to Internet views (5.9 million) and copyrights (5.7 million).

Drake, Queen, The Beatles, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, and Lil Baby rounded out the top 10.

Bad Bunny, in position 21, is the Latin artist who generated the most money in the United States during 2020: 8.4 million of whom 6.8 depended on streaming platforms.

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